Home invasion so easy a cave man could do it!

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    Home invasion so easy a cave man could do it!

Here's a home invasion so easy a cave man could do it!  In fact when the three perps are caught, I'm betting they will turn out to be the modern equivalent of cave men: IQ below 90, significant criminal history, and failures in every aspect of their lives (including their attempts at crime).  A concrete and steel cave has been prepared for the them by the state prison system, but that will be little comfort to the victims here.

The technique used by these home invaders (follow a wealthy victim home from work and strike as s/he is entering his/her home) is tried and true.  Victims/targets in America are so unaware of their surroundings and so unprepared to deal with violent crime that this technique should work about 97% of the time even with little planning, low intelligence, and the most rudimentary of weapons. (Also be aware that the crime works equally well following you from home to work!)

Check out the news report:


Take-aways and insights:

1. Start with the attitude that it COULD happen to you, even in your "safe" town! Notice how many times the news report emphasizes that the scene of the crime is a "safe" place and violent crimes almost never happen there? Consciously reprogram your brain and emotions to accept that it could happen to you and yours. Then PLAN and ACT accordingly.

2. Get into the habit of noticing if someone seems to be waiting for you and/or watching you as you come and go from home, work/business, bank, or anytime.  You may be noticing pre-operational planning for a future crime against you.  Worse, you may observe a crime in progress against you: someone waiting for you to fall into their trap, or following you to the location at which they have chosen and prepped to commit whatever crime they have planned. You're already behind the curve, but you still have the element of surprise on your side and they've lost their element of surprise.  (Shhhhhh. Act normal, but get ready for battle.)  And if you think someone might be following you on foot or in a vehicle, come up with a plan to either confirm that they are following you or to lose them.  In your car, the easiest way to see if someone is following you is to make four right turns (basically a square putting you back on your original path).  This works, but it also alerts the criminals following you that you're on to them.  You should be ready for any reaction that causes in them.  If you're sure someone's following you, come up with a plan for how to deal with that.

3. This home invasion technique of following you home is popular among criminals because it defeats whatever weapons and security measures/systems you have at home.  No fortress home protects you from being followed and attacked as you arrive home (in your car, in your driveway or at your front door). And with a little more planning and patience (but still well within the capabilities of a cave man) why follow you at all, except to find out where you live?  Why shouldn't the home invader wait at your house in the bushes, in your backyard, or in a nearby parked car for you to come to them.  That way the cave men aren't recorded by security cameras 3 – 4 times following the victims home.

4.  In this situation, you still have a few possible electronic tools are your side, if you have planned ahead and trained for this moment.  You have to train and role play these things because you're very likely to go blank in the head when this moment arrives for you.  You're likely to forget the electronic countermeasures available to you. First, if you have a car alarm it most likely has a panic button feature allowing you to trigger the horn/siren and flashing lights.  If these victims had been aware enough they could've triggered the car alarm as three strange cave men pulled into their driveway and got out to approach them. (Did you notice they ran off as soon as the wife could get INTO the house and trigger the home's panic alarm?)  Second, this would be a good reason to carry a remote for your house alarm system on your person. These victims could also have triggered their home alarm from inside their car if they were carrying a remote on their persons. Third, the victims are lucky the cave men did not steal their car (any decent robbers would have). In addition to a car alarm, it only costs about $75 to pay a car alarm technician to install a "kill switch" in your car.  The kill switch must be physically flipped to start the car, even with the owner's keys and alarm remote. If you use it religiously whenever you get in or out of your car, your car can't be stolen even if someone has your keys and alarm remote.

5. Finally, there's the issue of armed self-defense against this kind of attack.  If the elderly victims in this crime had spent part of the morning of this crime going to a gun store, buying little pocket revolvers and ammo, and slipped them into their pockets, this crime might have turned out much better for them.  Have you ever seen hammer wounds to a human skull?  Ugly, and life threatening. Completely untrained in firearms, this couple could have avoided being robbed and severely beaten simply by being armed and opening fire as they were approached. Dang! I bet the robbers would've run away as soon as they saw the guns in their victims' hands, and no one would've been hurt. Of course, I would never advocate people carrying firearms for self-defense without getting properly trained. But many people do exactly that and in most cases that would be sufficient to save them from robbery, assault and death.  However, you can't count on getting criminals as stupid and unprepared as these three cave men. You should train regularly (both physical and mental training) in case by luck of the draw your attackers are better prepared, better armed and more determined than these three buffoons.

But most of all, the most important thing is for YOU to mentally and emotionally accept that this kind of crime COULD happen to you. Then take appropriate action.


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    Tom, thanks for bringing this incident to our attention

Tom, thank-you for bringing this incident to our attention.  It's ugly and uncomfortable to read about.  But even worse would be to find oneself in that kind of a situation and be unprepared.  So I really appreciate your efforts to make us aware and educate us on security issues.  

When I was around 18, I had someone follow me home late at night, after waitressing the "bar shift".  I thought it was strange that someone would be driving the same route I was (from a local city to a small town some ways away), especially that late at night.  Rather than drive straight home, I circled a block a couple of times, and the car still followed me.  Needless to say, then I knew for sure that I was being followed.  As a result of that knowledge, I made a choice of where to go (other than my family's home) where I knew I had a better chance of being protected, and wouldn't be leading a threat home.  Luckily, I had a safe outcome.  

But if, despite my cautious nature, I found myself in a situation with an attacker with a hammer, would I be able to protect myself?  No, not yet.  But on the positive side, my "next thing" this past weekend was locating someone locally who is willing to teach me the basics of handling and shooting a pistol, so I can start to practice and get comfortable with it.  Reading the story you posted is strong motivation to follow through on this! 


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    Home invasion once again


Your experience as an 18 year old young woman is a perfect illustration of the need and value to be alert and cautious at all times. You were hardly a ninja back then, but your alertness and ability to formulate a plan to confirm your suspicions and to get away worked perfectly.  Most of the time that's all it takes to avoid becoming the victim of a violent crime.  Thanks for sharing.

Here's another home invasion initiated in the driveway of a nice, safe, prosperous suburban Philadelphia home. The victim was not aware enough to see his attackers or not suspicious enough to see them as potential dangers to himself.  Instead of following him home, they were waiting for him. They pounced as he got out of his car. Either he didn't see them at all (which is hard to imagine looking at the driveway of his house) or he saw them but didn't take any precautions, driving into the driveway and into their trap.

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