Historic Opposition to Vaccinations 1920

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    Historic Opposition to Vaccinations 1920

Wow!!  The arguments in this book sounds exactly like today.  Just read the chapter headings!!  I really hope you look at this, Chris because I would love your thoughts on this.  Is what we are seeing today in medicine something part of something bigger that is wrong with our kind of medicine?

Horrors of vaccination -petition to the president to abolish compulsory vaccinations in the Army and Navy:


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    Historic Opposition to Vaccinations 1920

Fascinating! Indeed, history repeats.

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    Historic Opposition to Vaccinations 1920

It is well known now all of virology is a scam and hoax to create the call to inject something into the lower classes and plebs. Enders admitted he was effectively lying in his own paper when he did his control experiment and admitted the results were indistinguishable. No disease causing viruses means no vaccines, all of it fraud.

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