High dose vitamin C I.V. therapy ?

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    High dose vitamin C I.V. therapy ?

I have read about high dose vitamin C I.V. is one of the things that might help someone with Covid.

I only recently found out that this service is offered ( in home ) here in Vegas, and I was wondering if anyone had experience with this treatment, and /or how much vitamin C is recommended per bag?



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    MATH+ Protocol gives Vit C amounts for I.V.

Hi VegasJim-

The MATH+ Protocol talks about dosage for Vit C (aka ascorbic acid) in I.V. at https://covid19criticalcare.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/FLCCC-Alliance-MATHplus-Protocol-ENGLISH.pdf


O2 < 4 L on hospital ward   500–1000 mg oral every 6 hours    Until discharge

O2 > 4 L or in ICU   50 mg/kg IV every 6 hours    Up to 7 days or until discharge from ICU, then switch to oral dose above

If in ICU and not improving    Consider mega-doses: 25 grams IV twice daily for 3 days   Completion of 3 days of therapy

Glad you have that available; hope you don’t need it!

PS Chris said he learned a LOT more about Vit C in his time with the FLCCC doctors.  Maybe he can/will relay some of their experiences with high dosage Vit C via I.V. in future videos, or one of his new live chats.

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    High dose vitamin C I.V. therapy ?

The Orthomolecular medicine news service has much more about vitamin C.


As an extreme example, one of their spokesmen, Andrew Saul, PhD tells the story of his use of very high dose oral vitamin C very frequently throughout the day when he had viral pneumonia.  He took 2000mg every 6 min.  In 3 hours fever was down 3 degrees and cough stopped.

The OM founder and Dr Saul told the following story

“Linus Pauling often spoke vigorously against the RDA in general and was ignored. These old, erroneous standards are part of the vitamins-as-prevention paradigm and will not yield until this old and stale paradigm is fully replaced by the vitamins-as-treatment paradigm. Pauling took 18 000 milligrams of ascorbic acid daily, which was 300 times the RDA. He loved to tell his audiences why he took so much.”


I’ve heard that a human sized donkey makes around 10 grams of vitamin C per day and more when sick.   Humans cannot make vitamin C.  A good diet does not come close to providing even 1 gram per day.



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    High dose vitamin C I.V. therapy ? Try orange juice

I drink high pulp, no sugar added OJ every day along with getting natural Vit D and a Zinc pill.   Seems to work for me.

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    Vitamin C for coronavirus and other ailments explained

Yep, vitamin C appears to be another particularly highly useful substance to combat COVID-19, as it is one of the most important antioxidants to combat excessive oxidative stress and maintain redox homeostasis (the balance of oxidation to antioxidation), and can even prevent or stop a “cytokine storm”. There is strong evidence that vitamin C works very well to reduce the pathological effects and duration of curable infectious diseases, of most or all infections (though of course the later in disease progression it’s used, the less useful it will be). NYC hospitals successfully treated COVID-19 patients with (relatively small) 1,500 mg doses of vitamin C IV 3-4 times a day.

It can be taken in small maintenance doses to scavenge free radical oxidant molecules with the aim of balancing oxidative stress/redox homeostasis (while also serving as building blocks for collagen and making iron more easily absorbed), or in large doses as a surprisingly effective healing device for a wide variety of ailments. At doses used in mega-dose vitamin C therapy, it seems to begin to have antibiotic, antihistamine, antitoxin, antipyretic, and antidepressant effects. Vitamin C also increases hydrogen peroxide production when used at high doses, which would be why it starts having antimicrobial effects at high doses. As with some other highly useful anti-Covid drugs like niacin and CDS, there are few scientific studies but a vast array of anecdotal evidence / witness reports supporting the effectiveness of mega-dose vitamin C treatment. However, any dose can be useful, as avoidance of vitamin C deficiency is particularly important, because levels in coronavirus patients can drop dramatically, especially if suffering sepsis, an inflammatory immune response that occurs when the body overreacts to the infection which is believed to potentially result in the dreaded, often fatal, hyperinflammatory “cytokine storm”.

The best forms of vitamin C are thought to be fat-soluble forms (more expensive) and sodium ascorbate (considered more GI-friendly than ascorbic acid which can to some degree acidify the blood, though note that sodium ascorbate is about 13% sodium), although pretty much any form will do (but look for non-GMO). The few side-effects sometimes ascribed/attributed to vitamin C, have more to do with deficiencies in other essential nutrients. For example, vitamin C can only cause kidney stones if your calcium metabolism is messed up, which happens if you’re deficient in vitamin D, K2, or magnesium (all of which are common, as explained further below).

The wonderful totally-not-corrupt FBI raided in April 2020 “a medical building in metro Detroit to gather evidence about an alleged fake treatment being sold for COVID-19” — that being something as benign/nontoxic as vitamin C. “Dr. Charles Mok has been charged with health care fraud and is accused of using the pandemic as an opportunity to bill insurers, including Medicare, for high-dose vitamin C intravenous infusions that authorities say were “fraudulently represented as COVID-19 treatments and preventative measures.””, which of course is a blatant lie as vitamin C clearly is a preventative measure and a treatment (though not necessarily by itself the best one), a fact nutritionists and healthy people all around the world are well aware of and knowledge of which e.g. NYC hospitals successfully used to treat COVID-19 patients already weeks before this unlawful raid/theft/harassment. As Long Island pulmonologist and critical-care specialist Dr. Andrew G. Weber said: “It helps a tremendous amount, but it is not highlighted because it’s not a sexy drug.” There is even, as Wikipedia puts it citing ClinicalTrials.gov, “six ongoing clinical trials of intravenous vitamin C for people who are hospitalized and severely ill with COVID-19; three placebo controlled (China, Canada and, the US) and three with no control (Italy, the US and, the US)”. These are of course probably designed to finish by 2025 or thereabouts, or with an insignificant sample size, or to have some other aspect that makes them irrelevant.

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    Liposomal C–High dose vitamin C I.V. therapy ?

Liposomal Vit C liquid orally can give a higher dose than powder or pills tho not approaching the blood levels of IV C.


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    High dose vitamin C I.V. therapy ?

My 85 Year old father had Septicemia one time and the Hospital gave him IV vit C as the  treatment.  He recovered and was sent home in 2 days.

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