Hey, where’d Kerala go?

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    Hey, where’d Kerala go?

For some months now, I’ve been watching the data from India at the IHME website. https://covid19.healthdata.org/india  You can get to the various provinces (or even other countries such as the U.S. and down to state-level) via the pull-down/search menu.  It’s usually a week or so behind the date, but still it’s a good one-stop for somewhat current data.

It was interesting comparing results in say Uttar Pradesh with Kerala.  Then a couple of weeks ago, the data from Kerala disappeared.  Searching for news coming out of Kerala, things look pretty bad.  I’m guessing that the data’s being scrubbed out at some level, either by India, maybe the WHO, or perhaps even IHME.  Is this because people are noticing and contrasting the results between Kerala and other provinces, and because of differences in treatment approaches?  I’m seeing news reports that Kerala is having about 5k new cases/day, while numbers for Uttar Pradesh are in the single digits.

Does anyone have a different source of province-level data for India?

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    Hey, where’d Kerala go?



^I was just sent the link above… Seems like some serious fuckery is afoot.

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