Here comes “Happytalism”!

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  • Fri, Jun 18, 2021 - 10:18am



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    Here comes “Happytalism”!

A super read, first of a new series by the ever insightful Tessa Lena

…Is it insane to think that the special interests of today’s, um, elites, seemingly include converging biological life and digital artifacts (and I don’t care if this is their own insane idea or an insane idea suggested by their highly paid advisors—but the notion of it is officially official and featured on government websites in Canada and in the UK—while still undeniably insane.) And is it crazy to think think that someone out there seems very interested in establishing a, hopefully, all-planetary system of control and management of every living thing and every mineral on Earth, a system controlled by a few hundred or thousand particularly ambitious and wealthy individuals, and managed by AI? Aren’t they themselves promoting this idea through the media and NGOs? Here is also very lavishly funded—and allegedly very miserable in real life—Ray Kurzweil—and his crazy singularity. …

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