Herbal Antivirals.

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    Herbal Antivirals.

Hello everyone,

I’ve decided to learn more about herbal medicine, so I’m reading the book called “Herbal Antivirals”by Stephen Harrod Buhner. By the way, here’s about the author if someone is interested (I always read about the author before buying any non-fiction books): https://www.stephenharrodbuhner.com/about/  I find the book very detailed and helpful to understand how viruses  and antivirals work. The most recent edition of the book has a chapter with prevention(reducing the chance of infection, to be more accurate) and treatment protocols for Covid 19. I’m working on collecting all the materials to make my own tinctures to have them on hand when I or my husband get the virus. So far I really enjoy the book, even though sometimes it’s not easy to understand because of terminology, but I know how to “duckduckgo” things, so it’s not a problem, just takes more time for someone like me. It’s definitely worth the effort though, because most doctors refuse to or can’t help us when we get sick, which means we have to prepare to take care of ourselves.  One of the many things he recommends for “prevention” is nasal spray called “Taffix”. He writes that it can only be ordered from Israel (ebay). The spray is actually powder that, once inhaled, forms a gel that covers the nasal mucosa  and supposedly gives 4 to 5 hours of protection from viral infection. Has anyone tried it or heard of it? By the way, melatonin is on the list too, just like on I MASK+ protocols.

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    Herbal Antivirals.

Buhner’s Herbal Antibiotics is also a masterpiece.

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    Buhner’s Covid Information

Hi Olyunchik,
I love Buhner’s work.  He deeply researches everything he recommends.  While I haven’t tried Taffix, I have used some of the herbs he recommends in his Coronavirus papers and found them helpful.  Yes, sourcing can be challenging.  I learn a lot from his Facebook page as well.


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    Best Antiviral is to end gain of function lab work globally.

We do not need to go to war with viruses any more that we need to go to war against vitamin supplements, both of which TPTB are trying to implement and both of which makes everyone less healthy and more reliant on Big Pharma.

Please don’t fall for the big “viruses are swirling around just waiting to get into us and kill us” Bull $hit”. We all have been breathing in and out millions of viruses all the time for tens of thousands of years. We only get sick when we are not well. OK that sounds confusing but you all need to get up to speed on terrain theory, get reasonably healthy, and stop buying into the fear mongering.

Seriously, if humanity successfully killed off or otherwise stopped viruses from entering our bodies we as a species would end in one generation. Take some time to learn about humans and the biosphere for Dogs sake.

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    Buhner’s Work

Love Buhner’s work and have his books.  I like Elk Mountain herbs –  they have a male tonic that really helped my husband. I also stocked up on the tinctures he recommends at the beginning of  COVID.

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