Help understand US politics

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  • Sun, Oct 11, 2020 - 04:02pm


    Jim H

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    Thank you for pounding away at the lies tbp…

I just have to add a recent experience I had to your point made here;

Almost every single thing you said is ridiculous lies, in most cases pure projection (they are doing it while accusing Trump/us/you of doing it). Just as a starter, and because it’s hilarious, check who the leader of the Proud Boys “white supremacist group” is… a black latino! The “f*cking lies” that you’re fully and completely uncritically swallowing, THAT’s what is astonishing!

Indeed.  I live in WA across the river from Portland, OR.  I was in a food store over the summer and there was a group of maybe six guys wearing black T-shirts that said, “PB” on the front.  At one point one of them had his back turned to me and I could read the back, which said, “Proud Boys Battleground”.  Battleground is a town in WA.  I decided to engage them by yelling across at them accusingly, “Proud Boys…. you guys actually love this country?”.  They looked at me and said yes in chorus, at which point I broke the tension by saying, “Thank God, at least somebody does” and we all laughed.

Two of them were black.


  • Sun, Oct 11, 2020 - 10:15pm



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    Help understand US politics

What is to understand ….?

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ MONEY $$$$$$$$$$$$$

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