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Heater for DIY Simple Chicken Waterer?

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  • Sun, Dec 16, 2012 - 05:11pm


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    Heater for DIY Simple Chicken Waterer?

I'm getting tired of the chickens getting bedding in the waterer when they scratch around in the coop, plus my heated waterer for winter is a horrible design that risks spilling the entire contents if one isn't continually alert to not applying any twisting motion to the handle, so I'm going to set up the DIY Simple Chicken Waterer described by Jason W. a while back. 

I'm wondering if anyone has experience with heaters for this type of plastic bucket waterer as I'll need one to prevent freezing.  Here are a few I've found online:

a rather expensive, but seemingly well designed aluminum model.

another aluminum model – a bit cheaper.

similar to the one above, but teflon coated.

stainless element, galvanized body.

Our water is really hard.  It corroded a galvanized waterer in a few months in the winter when the heater was on.  So I switched to plastic.  And that was before I began adding vinegar to the water.  So I find myself wondering if our water will corrode aluminum.  It will certainly corrode the galvanized model listed last.  I'm also wondering about cleaning. 

Finally, do any of you have any less expensive and/or more effective options?



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