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Healthiest States

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  • Sat, Jun 07, 2014 - 03:44am


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    Healthiest States

Where the sickest people in the country are. This is currently unpublished information, but I hope to publish some of this information as a lot of this is "new" to the research. I extracted this information from the BRFSS ( 2010 and 2011 databases. I have the data for about 1 million people across the country so the datasets are MASSIVE. 

Co-morbidities could be heart disease, asthma, depression, cancer, diabetes etc. A total of 12 chronic illnesses were totaled to to create the comorbid variable.

States to the right of the graph have the highest % of people with 4+ chronic illnesses. Kentucky seems to be the state with the highest % of sick people. Minnesota is surprisingly pretty healthy in comparison. 

Multiple chronic illnesses are directly connected to Body Mass Index so states to the right of the graph are also probably the fattest. The red section of the graph is obesity.

This is my favorite model. At what point do sick people become "not so"" beneficial to society? 

If you are healthy you would be part of is population that is about 67% in the workforce. If you have 1 illness, you are now part of a population that is 50% in the workforce. If you have 2 illnesses, you are now part of a population that is 35% is the workforce. At 4 illnesses, you now are part of a population that is more likely to identify with "unable to work" than actually participate in the workforce.


Pretty interesting stuff. Looks like New England is still a decent place to live in terms of population health. Let me know your thoughts….

  • Tue, Mar 24, 2015 - 08:39pm



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    RE: Healthiest States

Wildlife Tracker,

I appreciate your post.  My partner and I have been talking about relocation for last year or so.  I live in Minnesota and he lives in Iowa.  We have been considering Minnesota, Colorado or Texas.  He has difficulty with harsh winter season in Minnesota.  

Although I am in a "hunkering down" mode during the winter, I manage winter season better.  He and I have more friends in Minnesota than either in Colorado or Texas.  He has a license to practice his specialty in all three states.  If you have found some special information about these three states, I'd appreciate hearing it.

Thank you !

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