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Heads UP Eth holders. April 24th? Enterprise Ethereum Alliance announcement

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  • Fri, Apr 07, 2017 - 08:45pm



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    Heads UP Eth holders. April 24th? Enterprise Ethereum Alliance announcement

There has been a rumor of leaked information coming on April 14 – but there is still much speculation and rumors with too much excitement. 

For history, check the charts for the last big announcement that happened on February 27… Obviously with 30 companies involved one would not be able to keep that secret within inside circles.  There are no rules for inside trading with cryptocurrencies as far as I know.  But in the weeks that led up to the announcement the price rose 20% before exploding not long after. 

Logically, as those pieces were coming together before the announcement – if one knew it was coming and could stock up knowing the price was going to react, I would probably as well. I’m keeping an eye on the charts for momentum leading to the 14th, but the conference in New York happens on April 24 – so the week prior might be interesting in the charts.  If there are to be big announcements I suspect I’ll likely to see them telegraphed in the days leading up from people ‘in the know’.

In a way, it doesn’t matter as I’m taking advantage of this dip now. I doubt I’ll be lucky enough to see some whales move in to bump it down into the 30s, the 20s are likely a lost dream at this point. 








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