HCQ factory blown up

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    HCQ factory blown up

Pharmaceutical factory on fire after explosion: 2 injured


How jolly convenient. Just when HCQ gets the publicity and support it deserves in the battle against Covid, Just when the WHO is embarrassed to admit it works and is cheap. Just when Big Pharma start the roll out of their Cv19 vaccines.

The Deep State and big Pharma never wanted the public to use the cheap generic HCQ. Unexplained explosion and fire destroy world’s second largest pharmaceutical factory producing precursors for hydroxychloroquine.

A new stage has been reached in the undeclared asymmetrical war against humanity.

It seems the explosion came just in time for word to get out that the American Medical Assoc. had lifted restrictions on the drug.

They’ve been suppressing effective COVID-19 treatments by sabotaging clinical trials on HCQ and faking data so that we have no choice but to wait for a vaccine. Now a HCQ factory has exploded

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    HCQ factory blown up

I looked into the AMA rescinding their previous announcement in March against HCQ and it seems that the resolution did not pass. According to documents on their website, they were more concerned about how embarrassing it would be for the AMA to come out now and admit they were wrong. So they’re gonna stick with it to the bitter end.

Back when they made this announcement in March, the AMA president was on CNN giving clap-back snap-back responses to Trump, rather than acknowledging the whole mountain of research that had been released concerning the success of HCQ.

So, if the president of the AMA is too lazy to do her own damn research and/or too much of a political hack, what about literally everyone else we have to depend on?

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