Hawaii first responders create early treatment “kit”

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  • Sun, Oct 24, 2021 - 12:48pm



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    Hawaii first responders create early treatment “kit”

I think this is the same man we saw in an interview a while back. I found this comment on a Substack thread:

“Sunday afternoon I got a call from Honolulu Fire Department Captain Kaimi Pelekai. He shared with me that the firefighters are fighting vaccine mandates with a lawsuit (Pfizer has been added to the suit over the use of fetal cells in vaccine testing). Such mandates for an experimental program strike me as disturbingly dangerous and immoral—particularly given the lack of long term safety data or time for fertility studies.

But the veteran firefighter also had something extremely positive to share with me—one of the best things I’ve heard about during the entirety of 2021. In order to keep hospitalizations and mortality down, the firefighters have banded together and established a nonprofit (freecovidhelp.org) organization that designed and intends to deliver their own COVID-19 early treatment kit. They were inspired by such programs in parts of India, Brazil, Mexico, and other nations.”

I checked out the freecovidhelp.org website, and the kit is actually just a very clear list and set of instructions for purchase and home use — so it doesn’t look like they are actually distributing anything. And anything prescription or DWYSYBYN is not on the list. But it’s very useful and might make a few people think. Focuses on vitamins and povidone-iodine.



  • Sun, Oct 24, 2021 - 12:59pm

    You've been Nudged...!

    You've been Nudged...!

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    Hawaii first responders create early treatment “kit”

Awesome info. But if the plandemic was really about health – all the nations would be doing it…

There was dwindling profits in old medicine R&D – so the medical cartel was waiting for an event like this to kick-start a new biotech growth industry….


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    Hawaii first responders create early treatment “kit”

Missed in my previous skim reads of everything, quoted from the linked article above

Things like stress and other factors can lower your vitamin D. It is very volatile and can be cut in half in 4 days without sunlight so you need to supplement and keep working at it.


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