Has Gold Bullion Hit Rock Bottom?

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    Has Gold Bullion Hit Rock Bottom?

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As is quite evident from the past couple months, investing in gold can be rather volatile. Clearly, the huge sell-off in the price of gold bullion over the past couple of weeks has shocked some people; an interesting result has been the reaction from the retail public, as many are now buying gold bullion in record amounts.

Last week, the United States Mint actually ran out of the smallest American Eagle gold coin, and sales to India were 20% higher than the previous record, according to Standard Chartered PLC. Clearly, physical demand remains strong for gold bullion. (Source: Roy, D., et al., “Gold Rout for Central Banks Buying Most Since 1964: Commodities,” Bloomberg, April 25, 2013.)

Here is a key question for those who are considering investing in gold: what are your goals? Is a person investing in gold to diversify his or her assets or to trade and generate profits?

Having gold bullion as part of one’s portfolio can make sense as long as it’s understood that volatility will continue to be present. Since larger investors have added gold bullion as another asset to trade, determining the price of gold bullion has become increasingly difficult.

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