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Harness some serious Google power

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  • Mon, Dec 22, 2008 - 11:45pm



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    Harness some serious Google power

Hi folks

This is great! I often set people up with this, its invaluable whatever your filed of work or interest. a tailor made home page on, if you havent heard of this your going to like it, I presume.

One set up, every time you open your browser, google will load all the things you are interested in into your home page, information gathered from all over the web, as you choose. even your email accounts can be loaded so you can save time by not having to go to lots of different sites

Go to and look for the iGoogle link, usually at the top right of the screen, click that and apply/ sign up for an account. Then start to load stuff into your page. (if you have a google email account, use those details to sign up)

My sister for example, has an organic fruit and veg business, so her page loads news from organic sites, farming news, recipies and horoscope type stuff. Mine loads my portfolios, gold price, silver and oil prices, alternative energy news, some currency exchanges and so on, then i have another Tab (you can add other tabs which in effect give you other pages) this loads me my work related stuff, webstuff, geek news and scientific things im interested in.

Its like having all the trade magazines you could ever dream of delivered to your door every day, for free! ACE!!

WARNING: if you already spend too much time on line this will not help you! 

Have fun and a happy Christmas guys


  • Tue, Dec 23, 2008 - 01:54am



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    Re: Harness some serious Google power

I have my Gmail, To-Do List, Google Notebook/Docs, newsfeed, The Oil Drum Newsfeed, Crude Oil Price, and Google Finance charts all in one easy-to-access place — on my iGoogle page!  🙂

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