Hans Rosling – a great presentation

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  • Fri, Oct 30, 2020 - 02:24pm



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    Hans Rosling – a great presentation

This video is 7 years old but a great deal of it is still very current. He does not speak of peak net energy so his optimism, in my opinion, does have the wrong idea in mind that we will always progress and that energy will always be available.

But what is interesting is his view on how rich people (we) look at the rest of the world. The energy consumption we have has so much of a surplus that we could live a decent life with less energy consumption, as the other 6 billion of the world’s population does, minus the 1 billion that lives in extreme poverty.

Don’t let the length of the movie scare you. The presentation is VERY entertaining. You would wish it took a little longer 🙂

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