Ham Radio and Hurricane Florence

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    Ham Radio and Hurricane Florence

For those interested , the AMRRON Network did a standout job during this last weather incident. Nets started a few days before it’s arrival and the network went to AMCON 1 shortly after landfall.  The pre-planned network comms plan went into effect with nets  2X per day on 20 meters and 40 meters and every 6 hrs on 80 meters using voice followed by digital using Contestia 4/250 thirty minutes later.  In addition persistent 24 hour nets ran on 40 and 80 meters using the FSQ protocol.  AMRRON partnered with Forward Observer and the Cajun Navy to provide commo to both outfits in the field.  A really well trained and competent group of patriot radio operators helping out their fellow citizens. Signal Centers (SIGCENS) composed of a varying number of radio operators were set up. One in the Piedmont/Triad NC area and one one in the GA/SC area. They provided executive summaries daily that were uploaded to AMRRON”s website.  I monitored their nets checking in a few times by both voice and digital. Very impressive and no government involvement. I highly recommend this group for those intersted in disaster or crisis comms.

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