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Guyenot: Who are the Neocons?

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  • Wed, Apr 06, 2016 - 08:02am


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    Supreme Court Appointment.


  • Fri, Apr 15, 2016 - 09:18pm



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    Scott Horton Interviews Jim Lobe on the Neocons

Blurb on the interview:

Jim Lobe, founder of Lobelog.com, discusses the neoconservatives who have dominated US foreign policy for decades – who they are, and what their agenda is.

Lobe's take on the matter is nuanced and well-informed. The PC brigade will have trouble finding chinks in his analysis to object too…


  • Mon, Apr 18, 2016 - 06:37am



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    This is the rest of the story

This is the rest of the story about the destruction of liberty and the United States. I highly recommend reading the article and downloading the interview with Dr. Graeme MacQueen from Sott.net Radio and the Truth Perspective. The MP3 and OGG links are at the link.

This is about the design for absolute rulership. If there is one thing that all mass murders know, then it is that terror, and absolute terror works. Hitler, Mao, Stalin, they all knew it, and so too does the internal gangster like enemy of the United States. 

Listen to this interview. You will be glad you did and gain a new perspective almost certainly.


  • Mon, Apr 18, 2016 - 05:15pm



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    Strategy of “Entryism”

The strategy of “entryism,” refers technique by which a smaller group can gain control of a larger.

When used covertly, this strategy is also called “deep entryism.”

Suppose a small-but-passionate group, organized around a common belief or goal, decides to oppose a larger and more powerful group.  Rather than overt opposition,  members are sent to covertly join the larger group.  Gradually they become trusted members and rise into leadership and decision making responsibilities.  Thus they gain influence in the larger organization while hiding their truest allegiance to the smaller group.

This is a long term strategy, and based on the deception of keeping the primary importance of smaller group allegiance hidden.

Leading from the number 2 position can help keep the smaller group hidden from public view behind a figurehead.

This strategy is particularly effective in a 2 party system.  The smaller group takes positions of leadership in BOTH parties.  The populace may vote to “throw out the bastards” and for “change,” but is surprised to find that there is little actual change.

Getting one’s smaller group into the unelected mid-level bureaucracy where day-to-day management decisions are made, gives great covert, consistent, influence that defies election cycles.

Entryism can be suspected, but is almost impossible to prove.  A person who reports suspecting the phenomenon is in play can be decried as an “irrational conspiracy theorist,” having “paranoid hallucinations” or being “bigoted.”  Even if membership in the smaller group is eventually revealed, it can be claimed that the membership is just coincidental.


Spiritually, this strategy comes from the mythic-membership thinking of (Spiral Dynamics) BLUE Meme as in-group members seek ever greater power over out-groups.  It can persist into ORANGE as members of the mythic group find they can personally accumulate money and power as a by product of loyalty to the in-group.  GREEN, however, will not participate in this as a sense of intimacy, goodwill and the importance of relationship makes this kind of deception of a fellow human being abhorrent.  Stated another way, with GREEN, the sense of in-groupness ("us") expands beyond the mythic group to include all people, and even all of life.

  • Thu, Apr 21, 2016 - 04:04pm



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    Jim Lobe, Neocons, Alan Sabrosky

I appreciate debu's pointer to the writing of Jim Lobe, a Jewish man who is able (and willing) to critically evaluate the role of the Neocon faction.  He clearly has a deep understanding that is surprisingly sympathetic to the origins of the Neocon worldview even though he opposes their current activities.

From Neoconservatism in a Nutshell by Jim Lobe

If I were asked to boil down neoconservatism to its essential elements—that is, those that have remained consistent over the past nearly 50 years—I would cite the following:

  • a Manichean view of a world in which good and evil are constantly at war and the United States has an obligation to lead forces for good around the globe.
  • a belief in the moral exceptionalism of both the United States and Israel and the absolute moral necessity for the U.S. to defend Israel’s security.
  • a conviction that, in order to keep evil at bay, the United States must have—and be willing to exercise—the military power necessary to defeat any and all challengers. There’s a corollary: force is the only language that evil understands [and must be hit hard BEFORE it becomes established].

And another:  What is a Neoconservative Anyway? by Jim Lobe


Gordon Duff at Veterans Today posts an interview with Alan Sabrosky, Ph. D., (who is very well credentialed — former Director of Studies at the Army War College, Adjunct Professor at Georgetown University and Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies)  in which he explains his conclusions that the 9/11 operation was a joint operation of the Mossad and the CIA. For anyone evaluating the implications of this viewpoint, the interview:  Israel Did It.

The CorbettReport.com has done many reviews of the Mossad connection.  One good one is here:  Who is Afraid of 9/11 Conspiracy Theories.

Corbett also reviews Kevin Ryan's book "Another 19" naming 19 members if the American MIC with means, motive and opportunity to play critical roles in the 9/11 false flag.  Several were new to me or their roles only partially appreciated.  (Kevin Ryan does NOT subscribe to the view that Israel was involved.)


A logical fallacy hampering discussion

Consider the situation of a US military drone strike on a wedding party in Yemen that kills many civilians.

Question:  Who did this?

Answer:  It was the Americans.

This answer is simultaneously 100% correct and 99.999999% incorrect.

The American's who did NOT cause the drone strike could be further broken down into:

  • American's who did not even know of drone strikes in general or this one in particular.
  • American's who would never consider drone assassination of foreigners.
  • American's who have never heard of Yemen and could not find it on the map.

Discussions of "Israel Did It" and "It was the Mossad and the Zionists" are fraught with the same sub-set / superset type of error.  Most Israeli's certainly had no involvement or knowledge whatsoever, and the overwhelming number of Zionist collaborators who offered assistance were probably "compartmentalized" out of the big picture, only knowing that their modest contributions were "for Israel."

And the great majority of my Jewish friends have long developed past the RED/BLUE Meme level where a false flag operation on an ally might be considered a good idea.

  • Tue, Apr 26, 2016 - 03:14am



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    The List Grows…No Surprise Here

Hello All,

Sand_puppy provided some guidelines on what attributes constitute Neo Con.  Well if the following list doesn't fit those guidelines, I don't know what would.  Guess who it may be…?

The Facts http://www.hillaryisaneocon.com/node/1

Then there's this on that guy, https://consortiumnews.com/2016/02/25/neocon-kagan-endorses-hillary-clinton/

You like big money?  Try this, here's a teaser…

"Normally, liberal politicians defend setting up super PACs, and collecting large sums from big donors, because while they pledge to curb the influence of the rich and corporations in our politics if elected, they can’t “unilaterally disarm.” Clinton repeats this argument, but it has less force against Bernie Sanders who not only has made the corrosive effect of big money contributions central to his campaign, but has demonstrated that it is possible to be competitive without setting up super PACs and without asking billionaires and millionaires for money. By funding his campaign with small donations raised online, Sanders has not only walked his talk, he’s stripped away the easy defense of “they all do it.”

Hillary’s Defense of Big Money Won’t Cut It

Last but not least, Here's what a former U.S. Presidential Candidate for the Green Party had to say recently,

"Frankly, I don’t know what kind of women want for their President someone who doesn’t hesitate to set the stage for the wholesale murder of men, women, and children! My feeling is that Hillary is a hired gun, a mercenary, who needs the approbation of significant others, and who will do anything to get it–including destroying whole countries. But, you know, people like that, who portray themselves as leaders, but who are really only the worst kind of sycophant, command no respect from the people they lure to become their followers. Everything is a transaction. And so, they too, become dispensable when the next better deal comes along. That’s Barack Obama in 2008; could be Bernie Sanders in 2016. We shall see.

I think it’s outrageous that Black voters would be the deciding factor in support of Hillary Clinton’s limp campaign. It just shows how bought-out and sold-out the Black political class has become. After Haiti, Libya, Benghazi, Syria, and Cote D’Ivoire before that. Honduras even before that. And, that’s just on U.S. foreign policy alone. A continuation of the Obama policies at home will devastate Black America even further. I watched a CNN interview of Black voters that took place just before the South Carolina primary. I was saddened to see such lack of information. Such parroting of mainstream media memes. If all you know is what you’ve been told by CNN, MSNBC, and the lot of them, I’m very sad to say, you “know” nothing. We really have reached the point of 1984: “Ignorance is strength.”

Catching Up with Cynthia McKinney… and Looking (Worriedly) Ahead

I hope you all do the right thing.  

Peace for Real,


  • Tue, Apr 26, 2016 - 08:46am



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    I don’t think the deciding factor is what you think it is.

I think the deciding factor is not in support for Hillary at all, except by the neocons who want their mercenary. I think the deciding factor is in eliminating any other choice; the deciding factor is in the lack of support for an opponent.
So it really has nothing to do with the black vote; that line is just a “blame them for what I’m about to do” line.

From the blacks I know, they could care less about her. They think she’s going to win (so do I) but they figure it’s due to the fact of making a new nominal historical record that’ll push her over the edge into the presidency.

Me, I think it’s all about having their bought-and-paid-for!family in the white house. No different than electing a bush.

As I have been gaining understand from the way Creation works, I now look at politics differently.  Not as a contest between a fake left and a fake right but rather between Degeneration and Regeneration.  The Left and Right seem to agree on  a net degenerative  economy (empire).  The main difference is policy determining the distribution of the proceeds.   I think I will invest my emotional and physical energy in creating my personal regenerative life.  The 8 forms of capital, described in Prosper, is a great "decomposition" of the regenerative lifestyle into actionable sub-areas of action.  What a relief to not have a "dog in the fight" of this farce of a political melodrama.  Peace-out

  • Tue, Apr 26, 2016 - 05:57pm


    Jim H

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    Good point Mark B…

Regarding the degenerative vs. the regenerative.  anyone thinking in these terms will be interested in this manifesto, the end of which I will publish here;

The ecological dysfunctions of interest
…..Income from interest and all money realized from speculatively
playing stock and futures markets is ecologically and thermo-
dynamically indefensible, a major factor in the of the Earth's
disease. This kind of "income" constitutes a demand that the
Earth yield up whatever energy and resource-related goods and
services the bearer asks for when this illusory money is present-
ed for redemption. Such money is at work ransacking the planet,
fueling the unrestrained growth demanded by governments and
corporations, in order to create more illusory money and
"wealth". This shell game is directed from the stock markets,
boardrooms, and capitols of the world, where the money flows to
and from. Demand becomes insatiable, as interest/speculation
money increasingly self-creates, demanding more fruits of the
Earth, which must be further exploited to produce them. The
interest and inflation rates, the Dow Jones, the Nikke, and the
other industrial stock market averages are the fever charts of
the Earth.

  • Mon, May 23, 2016 - 07:41pm



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    Dejected Neocons Lash Out at Trump

Dejected Neocons Lash Out at Trump, from zerohedge today.

What I wanted to include here was one of the comment below the article with many excellentt references.  This guys has clearly done some homework.



Can we stop ignoring the Israel First Zionist elephant in the 'neoconservative' room?

kristol, kagan, wurmser, abrams, ledeen, franklin – these guys are chickenhawks who do not have a single thought that does not pertain to Israel.

Look, its not a matter of opinion – the neocon movement was and basically remains right-Zionist. The word has become conflated with 'militarist' generally.

Great if lengthy overview:


These same Israel Firsters set up a Jewish closed shop within the Pentagon to fabricate evidence.


They have called for the destruction of Syria and Libya for decades

Which helps explain 'ISIS' amazing, Christian and Muslim murdering success even as the USA tried like really really hard to stop them.


Most Jews are not neocons.

But the neocons were mainly Israel Firster Zionists, mostly Jewish.

They hate Trump because he may not use American blood and treasure for Greater Israel

we have a Zionism problem, kids.


We must question our Myths.  "Is it true that God promised us this land?"

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