Gun control – A clash of cultures

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    Gun control – A clash of cultures

The gun control debate is passionate, divisive, and angry.  But ultimately it is not about guns.  It is about control.  This is becoming the line in the sand where some people say — Enough!  We won't be pushed any further.

This is the fault line of two cultures with very different views of the world, and freedom.  It will not go away, and it will be a fight to the bitter end.

To better understand this I recommend reading the remarks below.  Then see the full essay.

[quote=Fred Reed]
A staple of American self-esteem is that we Yanks are brave, free, independent, self-reliant, ruggedly individual, and disinclined to accept abuse from anyone.  Call it “freedom.” Because we were free, we felt free.  It was a distinct psychology, though we didn’t know it.

Things then changed. The country increasingly urbanized. So much for rugged.  Self-reliance went. Few any longer can fix a car or the plumbing, grow food, hunt, bait a hook or install a new roof. Or defend themselves. To overstate barely, everyone depends on someone else, often the government, for everything. Thus we became the Hive.

Serving as little more than cubicle fodder, they could not survive a serious crisis like the first Depression. And they look to the collective, the hive, for protection. The notion of individual self-defense, whether with a fist or a Sig 9, is, you know, like scary, or, well, just wrong or macho or something. I mean, if you find an intruder in your house at night, shouldn’t you, like, call a caring adult?

Read the full essay


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