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Hello, I am going to be building a home. Small to start , I do not want to have to permit as I have been studying for awhile on so many topics about this gov. rules and regulations that they would like me to believe I should follow. My dilemma is I'm not quite sure how to go about the process and procedure. As My goal is to build a home for myself, my macaw and the greenhouse and use the  aquaponics system to produce organic produce for myself and possibly to sell to the community. I would like to have communications with people who are aware of some of these topics. That would like to share there knowledge with me. It seems the more I study the more questions I seem to come up with. As is it the allodial title I need to not need a permit and babysitter while building . An to find out what they are incorrectly taxing my land for. As I am not making money on it at this time or do I  unrecord it . As I would like to do this correctly the first time!, As I'm older now, and do try to work smarter and not harder these days.My land is in spirit lake Idaho pretty remote my closes neighbor would be a mile and 6/10ths away . Ill be using generators till I get some alternative energy established. I do have a septic tank and water tank in already. I was just thinking a long time ago talking to a county office about some things and they told me I'd need a leach bed and I had to ask her what that was. because how I grew up you just turned on the light switch and flushed a toilet . I have learned quite a bit  buying this chunk of forest land that is so beautifully decorated!! Which does happen to have several springs that feed a small stream. So thank you for taking your time to read and get to know me a little. I  hope to get to know many of you soon. Angela

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