Great Reset – watch before they get deleted

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  • Thu, Nov 26, 2020 - 09:04am



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    Great Reset – watch before they get deleted

How these 2 video’s have not yet been deleted I’ll never know…

I watched the first one on YouTube 7 hours ago and now I can’t find it…so I guess it’s been deleted…   Nevertheless…here it is still embedded into Sky New Australia web pages..awesome…watch before its gets deleted…

Here is the second one… still on YouTube…and still great to watch…  I live in Switzerland, so it has German subtitles…

All of this is exactly what Chris talked about a few weeks ago and many members in this comunity have talked about for a decade. It’s happening…      Maybe LesPhelps is right, that it won’t happen…but a lot of globalists are behind it, so let’s see…


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