Great place to pass out DVD’s

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    Great place to pass out DVD’s

Hi Brigade Members,

I wanted to bring up a good place I found to promote the crash course DVD’s.  I had originally purchased 100 of the DVD’s when they were first offered, figuring I’d pass them out to friends & family who seemed receptive.  

I recently came across for local groups in my area, where people meet offline to discuss topics of similar interest.  I attended my first meetup with a group interested in survival / preparedness planning.  While there were only about six people there, I passed out the Crash Course to each of them.  Since these people already have similar interests, I think you get more "bang for your buck" on sharing the crash course topics with them.

I passed out some DVD’s last Wed and here’s a response I got this morning:

Hi Gary,

I hope I have the right person, because there is no photo on
your profile. If I have the wrong person, please let me know.

I just wanted to say thanks for the DVD ‘Crash Course’. We
watched it all the way through yesterday and feel so much more
educated. I half knew a lot of what was in the course, but it
brought it all together so well for us. Anyway, I’d love to
talk more about it.

Thanks again


There are many, many groups in my aread (San Diego) that delve into various topics.  Some of the others I see that I believe would have similar response are groups that meet about sustainable living, or alternative energy, etc.  Depending on where you live, this is a great spot to find people that share interest in the themes of this site.



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    Re: Great place to pass out DVD’s

Good idea! I’ve been talking about working on making "crash course" MeetUps for awhile, yet didn’t even think of starting by networking with existing MeetUp groups…I naively assumed that that would be step 2, but this is a really great suggestion, and could be a great stepping point to beginning local groups  Thanks!



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    Re: Great place to pass out DVD’s

Yeah, definitely a good idea.  Other’s have suggested Meetup as well and I’d love to get something like that started.

All we need is a point man for it.




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