Great idea for a group

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    Great idea for a group

Hi Pinkie B,

I'm an American expat in the UK. I've been struck dumb by how the US has changed in the past ten years or so but didn't do much about it until FATCA. For me, FATCA was the red flag that kept hitting me over the head and which just could not be ignored. Since then I've taken the steps (expensive ones) to become a citizen.  Now the question is do I take steps to renounce US citizenship to protect my family's assets. I'm so saddened that my nationality could threaten the financial security of my family if that's how things go. 

Also, after many years of living in a city, I've moved us to the country. It's a farming community so there are many who have a grounding in self sufficiency (although there is a good helping of commuters into the city who wouldn't know one end of a hoe from the other).   It is a community here and I'm working at being a part of it.  

I feel like I've done what I can and I'll work on a few more things (gardening and acquiring useful items) and I'm happy with that as progress. It doesn't remove that feeling of uneasiness but it lessens it. The UK is an ok place to be for me although many would differ. I'm happy here so I'm working to make the best of it. What else can one do. 

Thanks for starting this group!


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