Graph from Scotland shows a peak in excess death 24-30 wks after 2nd jab

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  • Tue, Dec 14, 2021 - 11:09am



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    Graph from Scotland shows a peak in excess death 24-30 wks after 2nd jab

… In all age groups.

The blue line is not cumulative. It is just highlighting the week in 2021 when the most people received their second jab.

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People over the age of 55 in Scotland saw a surge in deaths from all causes from 24 to 30 weeks after most people in the age group received their 2nd jab. This surge in deaths peaked at over 25% higher than the 5-year average (2014-2019) for every age group in this study.

Health authorities around the world are reacting to this surge by promoting a 3rd jab. Currently over 50% of people older than 55 in Scotland have already received a “booster”. But what if the cause of this surge in deaths is the vaccine itself?

As you can see from the graphs, there is a dip in deaths at the same time people are receiving their 2nd jab. Are we becoming addicted to a shot that produces a short-term benefit followed by long term harm? Is the short-term benefit going to wane? Will future boosters “wear off” sooner and sooner? Does this remind you of any other drugs? Who is the “pusher” this time?

Source for covid Vax Data:

Source for all cause deaths in Scotland:

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