Good Morning. Sunday Morning.

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    Good Morning. Sunday Morning.

This glitch in the matrix was played on Tucker Carlson a while back.  It came up again in conversation with a friend.  I’m not sure how many saw it on the original broadcast, so I figured I’d share it with you all.

In the conversation, Pelosi is having a lovely chat with Stephanopoulos. about RBG, ACB, and perhaps hosing Trump in some way.  Arrows, quivers, and the like.

In the middle of the chat, after being asked a question, she has a brain freeze.  And then a reset.  After the reset, she utters the mysterious phrase: “Good Morning.  Sunday Morning.”  And then continues with her answer.

Watch this 30 second video once, watching Pelosi.  And a second time, looking at Stephanopoulos.

Assume things happen just the way they seem to have happened.

Did her teleprompter just blow a circuit?  Or was it something else?

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    Good Morning. Sunday Morning.

That’s downright creepy!  Eeep!

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