Gold standard?

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  • Sun, Feb 12, 2012 - 05:29pm

    red baron

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    I am doubtful if there is

I am doubtful if there is enough or not enough. This is a relative thing. Together we could agree that 1 gram of gold is the equivalent of a years pay. And all of a sudden there would be enough gold. But what I am trying to get my thought around to is the fact that we have a growing population and a less rapid growth of the available gold. . The same you could say in case of fiat money.

In the carshcourse it is argumented that 1 dollar had the same purchasing power for more than 200 years. But the population of the US did grow. So how was the moneysupply balanced? Print too few dollars and you deflate the money; print too much and you have inflation.

In short: if you fix the amount of money in the system (either physically through gold or a restrained monaypress)  how do you balance this against an exponentially growing population?


  • Mon, Feb 13, 2012 - 12:18am


    Thomas Hedin

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    Fix it.

You have to fix the money to production, and then use money that there is enough of to satisfy the economic needs.

Basically there isn’t enough gold to work.  That’s a known fact for anyone who is willing to do the math, so it makes no sense to try to go to something that can’t possibly work.

So now lets look at other Things that could work.

We could have the federal gov. ‘print’ up paper money, truck it around and pay for certain types of production. 

Problem….nobody really used paper money anymore.  Its to inconvenient.


Better solution.


Just use exactly what we use for money today (simple numbers) and spend then into circulation as a payment, instead of having all of these numbers ‘loaned’ into circulation for the strict benifit of the banking system.

Here is some reading.

And some viewing.





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