Gold/Prescious metals IRAs

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    Gold/Prescious metals IRAs

I would like to know what do you think about owning physical gold and silver via "Gold IRA"? I have the bulk of my retirement money in a 457, deffered compensation account.  I did some reserch and learned there are "Gold/Precious Metal IRA’s", where a person can buy and deposit actual physical metal.  I have not read about this in your information re: owning metals and wondered why?  Do you know if these investment vechicles are legitement?  What do you think of this option?


I am 67 yrs old and retired, so the money I have saved from past working years is the only money I can trade with and I can do a roll over.  So I could roll over the money from the 457 and use it to buy gold and silver.  I am leary of doing this because no one one seems to know about this option in general.  I trust your opinon and woud appreciate any insights you have.  

Thank you, Shanti 

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    for all you gold buffs….

Interesting graphics. Too much text/numbers to post here.

We here at NumberSleuth are all about exploring the world of numbers, and with this infographic we decided to take a look at the numbers behind the entire amount of gold in the world. Below are a series of questions that we began with and the answers we discovered in our research. We believe that this is the most thorough and in-depth resource about the world’s gold on the Internet and we hope you have as much fun reading through the information as we did in putting it all together.

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    Store it overseas


I did it. But now I think that rather than keeping gold in the US, it would be better to buy and store it overseas. There is nothing to prevent the government from eventually declaring private ownership of gold illegal and requiring me to hand over my gold. If I own it overseas, it does not even have to be reported to the IRS.



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