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GMO rant fromUK

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  • Fri, May 29, 2009 - 12:43am



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    GMO rant fromUK

Hi all,


I sent this to a relative, looong story. I just thought I would share here. I would guess that most people in UK are just enjoying affluence (still) and are ignorant to the major issues. Certainly it seems that way when watching the articles covered below that I was treated like a conspiracy theorist. Apparently there is no reason to fear with the way things are going, everything is under control?? Am I really crazy? Don’t worry: If I am, I can easily figure out a way to live with my madness (I am just observing IMO), just let me know and I’ll just stop bugging the sane people on this planet.

Regards to all here.


********** Start of email I sent out *************



Was the article that we watched partially. I had to run it a few times because I scrutinised what was said. Benefit of euronews is that it strives for impartiality (though some articles such as this are obviously favouring one side, but it isn’t just an article about GMO). Note that the guy in the lab says Nature has been doing this forever with cross pollination – Erm, . . . . beg to differ, nature says this life form can breed with this life form if they both have similarities that are harmonious. SLAMMING genes into a cell is somewhat different. Also, nature plays safe over hundreds of years and natural selection can determine what is good and what stays. We are changing crops within just a few years (between the new GMO releases).


Please remember what is covered in the report: EFSA does not even have a research lab. They are advised by the researchers from the lobbyist.


Would be useful if the illuminate of (location hidden) discuss and debate: Chance of raising some attention. I would say within 5 years bans are lifted.


The beeb country file is available at


Half way down 24/05/09 3 days left to watch:


At 16 minutes in "The government is warning that a food supply crisis is on the way . . . ." The Government? That will be who? That will be Prof. John Beddington ( – try to find out where funds are coming from when people back GMO!


[rant warning]


Try google maps and look at the greenery. We throw 30% of food away into landfills, now look at google maps for greenery. We also have a housing problem but we have 870000 empty properties (2009) – see the pattern? The macro level is just as wasteful as the micro level.


Next, look at the purge on the lowly plastic bag – bless it. It seems to be the current victim, I would have thought that politicians would appreciate that at the moment – bad press. If you were a plastic bag and you are filled day to day with shrink wrap and polystyrene containers and plastic milk bottles, . . . wouldn’t you feel at least a little disgruntled when you hear that you are to be thrown out of the country? I see that as analogous to hanging anorexic humans because they are costing the NHS too much money in a nation of obese citizens


[ End rant ]


Personally I think the beeb shows the greenies in bad light – 8 minutes to cover a topic of this scale is hard though. Did the beeb mention anywhere who owns the technology for the GMO? Monsanto have been buying those up for decades, they allow you to access their database and you use the results but they can license forward and own!! They have to gain a return on investment through terminator seed (As Hywel a ‘farmer’ said – neat!!). Also remember that SMASHING genes into each other and a scientist that says purple tomatoes is as bad as it gets with regard to side-effects: Prove it – take the gene that makes it disease resistant and isolate that from the gene that makes it red, then make a plant that has red tomatoes and is disease resistant. Not so easy? Why not? No real control? Austria, Germany, France, Turkey, . . . have all resisted so far but EU could easily say illegal, lift the ban – then the marketeers are installed. ‘Great’ Britain is now pro GM 🙁


We aren’t at the right level of understanding at the moment. OK study GMO but don’t let Billions of Dollares force you to release it into the wild because return on investment is sacrosanct. Splicing Genes would be neat – Smashing genes together is very very crude way, Agrobacterium is also imprecise same for Lentivirus approach. All very very impressive but we do not have a computer system on the planet without bugs – what makes us so accurate with a system that is far more complex? Ah yes , . . . . scientists!


Sent to a member of the family so I haven’t scrutinised all details – any corrections would be appreciated (look into the GMO related rant).



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