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Johan Giesecke is Sweden’s state epidemiologist – 2. There was another after him, Annika Linde, before his protege Anders Tegnell took over. It recently emerged that Tegnell gave Giesecke a $100,000 contract to provide ‘advice’ from time to time. The media found out that Giesecke had been appearing on Swedish television to defend Tegnell, then debiting Tegnell. People didn’t like that, so Giesecke had to withdraw his invoice.

It’s believed that Giesecke got his ‘adviser’ position with the WHO in return for Swedish donations to the WHO.

Giesecke’s also the one consistently downplaying the pandemic, famously stating that it’s no worse than a common cold. But here he is again, in the Lancet of all places. One wonders… well, you read it yourself. Something is very wrong with Sweden.

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