[George Soros] A New World Architecture of Multilateral System

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    [George Soros] A New World Architecture of Multilateral System

I just stumbled on this article and thought others might find it interesting: “[George Soros] A new world architecture of multilateral system”.  I’ve seen some comment in the CT area that Soros may be a player in attempts being made to move to a global currency (and power structure?).  This article certainly seems consistent with that perception.  Here it is: http://media.daum.net/cplist/view.html?cateid=1007&cpid=22&newsid=20091109053015873&p=koreaherald  Funny that I bumped into it on a  koreanherald web site!

On doing another search on the title, I see the article has been making the rounds the last couple of days internationally….Burma, Rwanda, Japan, etc.  Is it just me, or is this rather discomfitting?

Here’s a clip:

“The system cannot survive in its present form, and the U.S. has more to lose by not being in the forefront of reforming it. The U.S. is still in a position to lead the world, but, without far-sighted leadership, its relative position is likely to continue to erode. It can no longer impose its will on others, as George W. Bush`s administration sought to do, but it could lead a cooperative effort to involve both the developed and the developing world, thereby reestablishing American leadership in an acceptable form. “

I’m interested to hear what others think!



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