Gates the Womanizer – A Coverup?

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    Gates the Womanizer – A Coverup?

A curious thing has happened over the last week.  Just like Cuomo a few months back, Gates appears to have utterly lost the MSM.  The “likeable nerdy philanthropist” persona he’s spent so much time and effort constructing is being rapidly demolished.

Here’s a sampling of recent headlines.  There is literally an avalanche of them:

Epstein and Gates met dozens of times from 2011 to 2014, the report said, with Gates treating the get-togethers as an escape, a person who attended some of the meetings told the publication.

Microsoft Board Pushed Out Bill Gates Over Affair With Staffer (Report)

Bill Gates ‘pursued’ several women in his office during marriage to Melinda: report

I mean, none of this is new.  But suddenly, now MSM apparently has permission to publish it all.  As of last week, it is now open season on Gates.

But perhaps not everything is as it seems.

This whole episode reminds me of Cuomo: the two crimes on offer, were:  1) egregiously hitting on every young female in sight, and 2) enacting a policy that led to the deaths of thousands of old people in those nursing homes during COVID – and then promptly covering it up.  If Cuomo is convicted of the first – well, he’s a bit tacky: don’t leave hime alone with your daughters.  If convicted of the second, that’s perhaps life in prison.  Of the two, MSM has chosen to amplify Crime #1.  Crime #2 – buried by the avalanche of reporting on Crime #1.

An accident?  Or an on-purpose?  Since this is the second time it is happening, I’m going to vote for “its an on-purpose.”

“You’ve been doing way too much womanizing, Mr Gates.” Times 100.  All media outlets.  Gates, clearly guilty of Crime #1.

What might Crime #2 be?  We can only guess.  How about spearheading the “No Treatments For You”/maximum COVID fear campaign across the First World medical establishments (NIH, and WHO, and EMA), in order to maximize vaxx uptake?

I’m guessing that’s how a modern-day coverup works.  When some relatively severe news is about to break – ripping the cover off some massive scandal about how millions died unnecessarily, which might end up looking bad for one of the Reset Gang Members (and by extension, the entire Reset effort) – the MSM steps in to accuse the target of something salacious, but definitely NOT criminal, drowning out any charges of activity which might be viewed as – oh let’s say – Crimes Against Humanity.

Crime #1: “Way too many females, Mr Apex Oligarch.  50 lashes with a wet noodle.”

Note: this “crime” that, when viewed by half the population, actually might cause more than a little bit of envy, too.  c.f. “It’s good to be the King!”

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    Gates the Womanizer – A Coverup?

Gates is a globalist. The US opinion of him doesn’t matter very much.

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    Things that make you go “hmmmmm….”

I also found it very curious when Cuomo, and then Gates, suddenly came under fire by the media.  Having seen how biased and corrupt the mainstream media has been during the pandemic, not just actively but ferociously promoting their chosen narrative and destroying/censoring others, I have a hard time believing any stand they take as not being done on purpose.  I.e., I don’t think it is their sterling journalistic morals that are driving them to trash Bill as a womanizer now; they have shown that they aren’t driven by honorable journalistic motives.  I think anything they do is in support of some specific objective, such as Dave Fairtex suggests in his post above.  So when they started trashing Cuomo, and then Gates, it made me go “hmmmmmmm…”.

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    Gates the Womanizer – A Coverup?

Pinecarr has it right. I would only add that we dont have a media. There is no media on this country other than independent alternative media [ the people being censored ].

What you see on television has absolutely nothing to do with media or journalism of any kind what-so-ever. It is just the propaganda arm of a globalist cabal.

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    Gates the Womanizer – A Coverup?

We seem to be endlessly fascinated by our genitalia.

The media always trot it out when they want to distract the masses, and we always fall for it.

Let me guess. The herd needs to be thinned and Gates is point man.

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