Gardens and Farming stories

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    Gardens and Farming stories

In this time of stress, I would love to hear everybody’s stories of learning to garden and such.

My father was the true gardener in my family.  The green thumb skipped me.

But last year, I did get chickens.

It started with 4 baby chicks, then it grew to 11……  Then 14

I added 2 more hens last fall and Chuck, the black australorpe rooster.

I have lost a few chickens.  Then was excited by 15 new baby chicks this spring.  But I learned the hard way……..  Roosters find baby chicks yummy.  1 of the 15 survived.

But I brought that indoors.  That thing screamed for its mother and broke my heart.  Luckily, I was able to obtain 2 baby copper moran chicks in a few hours.

Well now we have the baby chick bug.

My husband bought a chicken incubator that can hold 4o.  I put in 25 eggs from my rooster and hens.  Then I got some from an awesome lady near by.  5 copper moran eggs, 5 polish (Much to my husband’s dismay) and 4 brahma’s.

It is to my understanding, only about 25% of eggs hatch in the incubators, so we will see what happens in 21 days.

Thanks for letting me post something light.  The fighting about masks and such has left me emotionally burned out.  I just talk about chickens these days.

I am thankful I stocked up on 3 months of dried good early on.  (And listened to Chris!)  I have no idea what will happen in the food chain in the next year.  I think things will get real dark in October.  And better to be safe than sorry.  Kids will always eat noodles, so nothing will go to waste if we have no crisis.

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