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Some very interesting info regarding Fukushima, see the photos.

 If this is close to any truth.. well what can I say, have a look and draw your own conclusions.
I have seen mentioned before about those cameras. And the comparison of a 6 and 9 eartquake(exponential). Easy to forget but a real reminder of how important it is to the understanding of much of what is going on.

Link here.


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    Pictures of Japan’s earthquake

I am no expert, but do not believe the damage depicted in these pictures could be caused by a Richter Scale 6 earthquake.

  • Sun, Oct 23, 2011 - 08:38am

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    hello, I am late to this

hello, I am late to this thread but I feel I should post because I live in Japan and experienced the quake

Here are a few factors to consider

1. Wooden Houses tend to bend with the geo energy wave which is why many of the existing structures were not damaged prior to the ensuing tsunami. In fact if you have ever been to Japan you will notice that are hardly any brick structures.

2. The coast of Tohoku is in many ways very similar to the fjords of Norway. Thus there are deep narrow trenches of ocean separated by fingers of land. This exacerbated the effects of the tsunami.

3. The Tohoku area is demographically different and economically significantly poorer than the mega cities to the south and west. Many of the residents were retired or on public assistance and were unable to take on additional debt to renew or renovate existing structures.

perhaps most importantly Fukushima is not in Tohoku

so in actuality Japan was affected by three separate crises; the earthquake, the tsunami and the nuclear incident

any of the three would constitute an end game of triage, upheavel and life altering consequences. Tohoku experienced all 3.

If anyone is reading this it might interest you to know that there are hundreds of orphans as a result of the disaster. I would encourage you to seek out ways of supporting these children who are now wards of the state. Money is probably something they don’t need, but rather a letter or expression of support to the child and his or her classmates. I encourage you to reach out and offer some emotional support.

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