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FUEL The Film

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    FUEL The Film

Hello Everyone,

Living in the Los Angeles area, I live near the capital of creativity.

The other weekend, I saw the new documentary, FUEL, THE Film.

Not only that, but I met the filmmaker, Josh Tickell, and his new wife.

They are very motivating people.

It’s all about alternative energy, and getting away from imported oil.

It is very well researched!

Unlike many other documentaries, that point out the problems,
but offer few solutions, Josh points out a number of very
practical alternatives to oil.

I won’t write a lot about it, because there are some much better
reviews out there, such as these:

Do take a look at the film’s website for the theaters and showtimes
in your area. When it comes to town, definitely check it out!

See the trailer and more here:





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