Frugal Idea-Swap

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  • Tue, Sep 04, 2012 - 05:36am


    Adam Taggart

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    Frugal Idea-Swap

Great topic for a Group, Amanda.

I'd like to get momentum building for this new Group by asking folks to share a useful idea/tip/habit/experience that may be instructive for others looking to build resilience without spending $$.

Small victories are fine.

I'll start. This weekend I:

  • Fed my chickens with scrap produce from the local market. Our independent local market puts all its food scraps (from sandwich making, etc) into a bin during the day to go to the compost pile at day's end. A few weeks ago, I simply asked if it would be OK for me to show up beforehand with my own bucket and take a portion home to feed my chickens. They were more than happy to agree – getting a commitment of regular eggs out of me, while reducing their waste and helping a local 'farmer' out. My chickens love the fresh assorted veggies, and I love the $0 cost.
  • Canned fruit straight from the tree. Made applesauce from apple trees growing in my backyard, and blackberry jam from wild berry bushes that grow on our lane.
  • Entertained visiting friends for <$10. Surprise guests dropped by with their 2 young children. The adults enjoyed quiche made from our own eggs (see "Chickens" above) and local veggies; and the young ones had a great time making volcanic eruptions with some Mentos and Diet Coke (see "<$10"). Such simple science, but yet it was so novel for them.
  • Sweated to a gym-free workout. We recently moved, and with that, ended our gym subscription. Today's workout included a 45-min mountain bike ride over neighboring hilly streets (bike was bought used over 6 years ago), 10-mins of a push-up/sit-up/pull-up circuit, and organzing the garage (did I mention we moved recently?) Extra benefit: in cleaning out the garage, I came across my old rusty free weights. Time to get those dusted off…

Nice to look back over 3 holiday days that felt well-seized and were well-enjoyed — despite (or more accurately, because of) avoiding dropping $$ on restaurants, movies, gas/travel, shopping, paid kids activities, gym fees, etc.

What tips do you have to share?

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