From Ehud Barak to Carbyne to Epstein to Covid to calling 911

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    From Ehud Barak to Carbyne to Epstein to Covid to calling 911

The Last American Vagabond (TLAV) and Whitney Webb share thoughts on current events.

Summary:  Some of the same folks that were involved with (running?) Epstein were also on the board at Carbyne. Carbyne has since dropped the “Epstein affiliated” board members off of their website (they are probably still working there in the background). Ehud Barak is one of the board members. The whole thing has numerous ties linking it back to Israel’s unit 8200.

Carbyne has been burrowing into our 911 first responder system for a while now. They’ve been marketing their system as a replacement for the “legacy” 911 systems, basically whenever you call 911 Carbyne takes over and pulls all the data off your phone (location, history, social media, they get everything). Not just 911, any call to a number that Carbyne manages.

They started off promoting their capabilities as a pre-emptive solution for identifying potential mass shooters. Whitney Webb put out an article earlier this year on that, here’s the link:

Carbyne has since pivoted from that approach over to Covid – identifying, tracking and tracing potential Covid carriers via social media postings, phone calls, etc. Link:

The interview ends with both TLAV and Whitney Webb discussing evidence that suggest internet communications and/or the 911 response system may be a target on or near election day. Note that just after this video was posted TLAV was taken down from YouTube. Whitney Webb (Unlimited Hangout) had been taken down a bit earlier in the year.

Here’s the Bitchute link to the full episode:

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    Mohammed Mast

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    From Ehud Barak to Carbyne to Epstein to Covid to calling 911

Whitney is the bomb

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    From Ehud Barak to Carbyne to Epstein to Covid to calling 911

Very interesting, I hadn’t even heard of Carbyne… yet another Israeli tech company vying for control over US comms systems… like Comverse Technology, Ptech, ICTS/Huntleigh USA, PROMIS, …

There’s a lot of focus on the CCP and Big Tech, and for good reason (and on “Russia” for mostly fake reasons), yet the Israelization of US communications infrastructure doesn’t seem to have stopped since 9/11!

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