Freeze drying your harvest – is it for you?

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  • Fri, Jan 05, 2018 - 07:18pm


    Wendy S. Delmater

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    Freeze drying your harvest – is it for you?

I’ve not bought or used a freeze dryer but a friend just did, and she’s very happy with it. Has anyone here bought or used a freeze dryer?

Here’s the one she bought.  

And they have a page on preserving your harvest. I might note that it does not have to be YOUR harvest, which might make this ideal for urban preppers. And it might be good for quantities: if I go to my local SC State farmer’s market, I can get produce 1/4 the cost of supermarket food.  What is holding me back from doing more of that the the insane quantities you have to buy to get that literally was more than I could can before some of it went bad. 

It’s also a way to preserve meat and pressure canning that is a bear. 

Please chime in with your experiences, even if it’s just you eating freeze dried food or a neighbor or friend having one of these. 


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