Freedom Starts and Ends with Money Control

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    Freedom Starts and Ends with Money Control

One of the people I most respect is Alex Gladstein, the chief Strategy Officer for the Human Rights Foundation. He is a true ‘Up-Down’ rather than ‘Left-Right’ observer and analyst, with high integrity and a lot of direct, personal, often in-country, experience with what is happening at the ground level across the globe. He pursues an understanding of the forces of elitism that structurally harm and stunt the lives of peasants, and both speaks out and acts to change them.

Although we are trained to not think so, in fact you and I are also peasants. These last 20 months should have made that clear to everyone. Knowing how the elite view us should clarify our sight and impel us to rethink our assumptions about how societies are structured. And how they are financed, because money sovereignty is the lynchpin of lasting change. Fix the money and you fix the trajectory of the system. But change the system’s politics without fundamentally changing the money, and it’s only a matter of (brief) time before we’re right back here.

Lasting revolution – not for democracy against autocracy, but for peasants against elites – comes in the form of exiting the approved monetary structure. To change society’s trajectory, defund the State and build an alternative,  self-sovereign money system with global reach and border-agnostic transmissibility outside the State’s reach. That’s the financial – and consequent downstream political – battle worth “our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor.” IMHO, of course. 😉


There are a lot of people who believe that money is the creature of seizure, and that it’s something that States make, and it’s like ‘money comes from government.’ They have this belief, this chartalist belief, that underlies a lot of left-wing thinking. I don’t know if they stop to think about the fact that 53% of the world lives under an authoritarian regime. So if you believe that money is a creature of the State, well that’s not a very nice arrangement for the people who live in dictatorships and authoritarian regimes.

So, regardless of all your debates about ‘what is money?’, I don’t really care; you can have those debates. Meanwhile, we’re over here using this new money. You know, they refuse to call it money; I could [not] care less about the semantics – it’s absolutely money and we’re going to use it like money. So, you can be over there with your, like, ‘oh, it’s not money’; I could literally [not] care less that you don’t think it’s money, we’re literally using it for earnings, savings, spending, and we’re soon going to be using it trustlessly for loans and capital creation; all kinds of stuff. So go ahead: mock it, say it’s a digital collectible or whatever the hell you want to call it; deride it.

And I think it also has to do with the media, you know? These elites are able to criticize bitcoin because they have the media on their side because the media will run – out of every 20 stories about bitcoin 18 or 19 are negative, and they’ll talk about how volatile it is or dangerous it is or risky and you’re like, ‘oh my God, if you live in Lebanon or Syria: dude, this could have changed your life, or saved you, had you started using this thing 3 or 4 years ago.’ I’ve spoken to people who’ve had their lives saved, whether they were living in Venezuela or Lebanon or wherever, and the media was telling you that this was dangerous or risky. No, no, no! With hindsight we can see that it was dangerous or risky to not have bitcoin.

Now, hindsight’s 20:20. But it’s also history. We have 12 years of evidence, now, showing that it was dangerous or risky to not be in bitcoin. Now, the media has gaslit the people; they have convinced, psychologically, the average people that bitcoin is dangerous or risky when in reality it was the opposite. So – I know that, blah, blah, blah, past performance doesn’t indicate future returns. Dude, no! We have 12 years of this and – if you wanna think that the governments’ policy was tightening and more responsible – but, like, we’re in the midst of a historic moment when governments are realizing that they can just print as much money as they want and they’ll get some inflation, and that tests the limits of printing. And you look at the balance sheet of the ECB and the FED, which are – again – way more responsible than any of these dictatorships, and it’s staggering! I mean, they’re acquiring so much of the private sector through bond purchasing and stocks and stuff like that; they’re bailing out the private sector, they’re artificially raising the price of bonds and stocks and equities and real estate and all kinds of things by pumping new money into the economy. It’s literally what’s happening. So, with bitcoin we can just get out of this. We can opt into this global, neutral, open money standard that’s equal for the guy in Gaza and Jeff Bezos.

Sure, Bezos can buy more, but he can’t prevent the guy in Gaza from using it, and he has no special abilities over it, and his bitcoin’s not any better than the bitcoin of that guy. Right? So: once you understand that, it’s a pretty amazing kind of penny drop.

From a 46-minute interview following the publication of Gladstein’s essay, Can Bitcoin be Palestine’s Currency of Freedom?



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