Forum issues / bugs (some urgent)

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  • Thu, Oct 29, 2020 - 10:39am



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    Forum issues / bugs (some urgent)

Here’s a list of bugs users on this forum are experiencing. Some are major, some merely small annoyances, some more like feature (or limits change) requests:

  • banned/censored strings/websites (including Bitchute, as if PP is run by the Big Tech tyrants), and you don’t even get an error message, you get an “invisible post” that counts as a post, even if you’re editing it and EVEN if it’s the first post (the entire thread with all posts will disappear)… lately this has not been happening much, has it been fixed?
  • sometimes it’s not even banned strings, it’s editing too many times… or something. As davefairtex wrote, “The bigger the post, the more dangerous it is.” It can be very annoying when you have to spend an extra 15-30 minutes trying to divide your post or some strings up so that it’ll be accepted. [somewhat urgent but perhaps difficult to address?]
  • any post that contains a banned string will be deleted, but the post count will remain (so you can have say a “page 4” but there’s nothing there as censored/invisible posts are also counting)
  • an annoying/suboptimal message composition system… copying hyperlinks from one blockarea (post editor box) to another (sometimes?) doesn’t carry over the links, or in fact any of the style. The markup editor can only be enabled/disabled from blog(/non-user-forum) threads, so you can’t toggle it without first reloading, and it has its own problems/annoyances.
  • there’s no way to mark spam messages, though I think most get deleted eventually? Links are already nofollow so the spammers are likely robots more than humans — an “if post count <5 yet link posting” captcha could be a solution.
  • preceding and trailing newlines in posts are not stripped (you can prefix and suffix any post with as many newlines as you want; formatting looks neater if they are stripped)
  • sometimes when trying to post it’ll say “ERROR: Are you sure you wanted to do that?”, without specifying what the problem is (often it’s session expired but not always)
  • new personal message popup repeats indefinitely, sometimes even if you’ve already opened all new PMs (if you have any or more than 1 PP tab open?) – so one has to disable PM notifications
  • A few times I’ve edited a post I just made (just the title), and instead of saving the edits it created a new thread within the thread, without the changes to the title (i.e. a duplicate post in a new invisible thread-within-a-thread), which is still up!
  • views count is broken – it is now always zero, except in older threads
  • wouldn’t it be nice to have 20 posts per page or more, rather than a mere 10? (blog posts have unlimited, some with 300+)
  • short max title limit: why 80 characters, why not e.g. 120?
  • the “Page: # # #” feature has been broken since late October 2020 [quite urgent I’d say]
  • one feature I really like is bolded titles in posts, which makes posts look a bit like articles — though there should be a “last edited” timestamp for appropriate referencing purposes

These are the ones I’ve compiled over the last months. Anyone know of others?

Any ideas on how to fix them? Have there been, will there be, any attempts to fix any of them?

  • Fri, Dec 11, 2020 - 10:26pm



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    Forum issues / bugs (some urgent)

> short max title limit: why 80 characters, why not e.g. 120?

1) To fit across a page

2) Database dimensioning

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