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Site Posting Terms of Use

  1. Have the Crash Course viewed as widely as possible
  2. Increase collective understanding of the role that energy, the economy, and natural resources play in our future
  3. Move individuals towards personal and common responsibility for the future


The goal of is to draw attention to the important messages in the Crash Course and also to create a safe and welcoming place for people to discuss its implications in an intelligent and enlightened way.

Together we will continue to hold this site to a higher standard than is usually found elsewhere on the Internet.  We will be civil with each other, respectful, thoughtful, and considerate.

Anything that causes people to feel unwelcome or unsafe will be discouraged or removed, as will things that serve to detract from our high standard of intelligent discourse.  Our mission is to engage, not to repel.

Posts must be data-rich, fact-based, and constructive, especially if they are critical.  We ask that all critical commentary be accompanied by thoughtful suggestions for improvement—or not offered at all.


We expect people to maintain the same level of civility in posting that a polite person would at the dinner table of a wedding—before drinks are served.

We expect and require courteous interactions everywhere comments can be posted to the site. In an online community, social courtesies are observed, just as at a physical gathering.  One doesn’t monopolize the conversation, pound the table about a single point until others’ eyes glaze over, insult their host or their fellow guests, or spew patently offensive slurs.  Tactfulness is a reasonable expectation within a voluntary community.

Please ask yourself these questions before making a post:

  1. Does my post constructively illuminate an issue or answer a specific question?
  2. If constructively critical, is it emotionally neutral and considerate? Does it offer specific, actionable solutions?
  3. If asking a question, is it a bona fide question that will lead to an increased understanding of the 3E’s and related issues?

Users should strive to post with integrity and accuracy.  We expect that users will not abuse their anonymity by posting things that a polite individual would refrain from saying in person.

We expect users to take reasonable care to make sure that their posts are accurate and always use verifiable facts to support an argument.  We expect users to do their best to offer constructive solutions to problems, and to remember that this site is about strengthening our communities, not tearing them down or otherwise damaging them.


For posts that stray outside of our admittedly subjective boundary lines, we reserve the right to modify or remove any given post to conform to our definition of “acceptable posting.”

Posts may be edited or removed for any of the following:

  • Personal attacks
  • Posts which are in violation of any law or which openly advocate breaking the law
  • Posts containing information known to be false
  • Posts violating copyright laws
  • Hateful, taunting, violent, or harassing posts
  • Posts that are invasive of personal privacy
  • Posts in blatant disregard of purpose for which a specific thread was created
  • Posts containing any language not suitable for all audiences or that would trigger a corporate firewall or cause responsible parents to block us out.  This includes all profanity.
  • Spam and commercial advertisements

Please be sure to always include a link to the source for any posted material.  A snippet and a link, please.  Do not post entire articles.  We respect copyright laws here.

No posting in all caps!  This means titles, especially.  We view this as the equivalent of shouting.  We’ll either replace the capital letters with lowercase letters, or we’ll delete the post if that is too troublesome.

We really don’t want to remove anyone’s posts or censor anyone’s words, and it is a very rare event for us, but we need to make sure this community stays focused on the reasons we are here.  Please be responsible for your words, and do your best to ensure that none of your own posts ever need to be removed.

Thank you for your understanding.


Consequences for violating the forum rules may include a warning, editing or removal of the offending material, or suspension of posting privileges, potentially up to and including account deactivation and/or permanent banning from posting on the site.

Moderators have the complete authority to act in what they see as the site’s best interests.  The line is not always crisp, and the job is not easy.  They deserve your support.


We have given careful thought to the mission of this site and how information is best presented here to preserve the focus and effectiveness of our central message, especially to new users who may be unfamiliar with the main purpose of the site.

The function of the main forums is to discuss energy, economy, and the environment, personal finances, preparing for a future of expensive energy and less abundant natural resources, and those topics most directly related to them.

Although we prefer free discussion, we believe that there are some topics that can give the first-time visitor a mistaken impression of this site and run counter to its primary mission.

The Controversial Topics forum area is a place where veteran users can discuss topics which are outside of the main thrust of the site, and which, in our opinion, are controversial and/or might deflect a new visitor from understanding the central message of the website.

We respect that there can be value in these topics, but have found that they can deflect new visitors who may not be ready to engage in this material.  We are not banning or limiting your ability to converse on these topics in any way; we are simply asking that these conversations happen at a location on the site where they will not be prominently displayed to every casual visitor.

Therefore, new threads covering the following topics may be created only in the Controversial Topics folder:

  • Global conspiracy theories
  • New world order conspiracy theories
  • 9/11 conspiracy theories
  • Guns and weapons
  • Global warming
  • Discussions on faith (not religion – see below)
  • Other topics which are potentially interesting but not necessarily related to the purpose of this site


Regretfully, through much trial and even more error, we’ve determined that there are several topics that seem to escape the ability of otherwise careful and considerate people to discuss pleasantly in an online forum:

  • Religion
  • Abortion

These topics are not allowed, and any threads or posts containing them will be promptly removed.  We wish it could be otherwise, but our hard-earned experience is that these topics are not worth the trouble. We appreciate your understanding.


We can’t be everywhere at once.  If you encounter a post that crosses a line, just click on the “alert moderator” button at the bottom of the post to let us know immediately.  Please be sure to provide us with specific information about why you are flagging the post so that we can take action if it is warranted.  We appreciate your help.

updated 9/12/2009

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