Form Letter – Elected Officials

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    Form Letter – Elected Officials


I’m currently working on a data driven letter to send to my County Commissioner, State Representative, and US Senator. As I’m beginning to piece my way through different sources of data, it occurred to me that someone (or a group) may have already done this. I know, whenever a group I’m part of asks members to reach out to elected officials they usually provide a draft letter which you can them customize to make it more personal. I think something similar would be very helpful for those of us who want to start voicing our concerns more publicly.

So, first question. Does this already exist? If so, where?

Second, if not already available, who is interested in such a letter?

Third, what should such a letter include?

So far, my outline includes:

  • IFR data
  • Transmission data
  • Hospitalization/Death data
  • Early treatment data
  • Vaccine injury data

Curious to hear who else might be interested in working together to craft such a letter that we could then each customize.



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    Form Letter – Elected Officials

I am sure there are several people in the medical community, like the FLCCC who have massive amounts of literature and evidence compiled.  There is so much , in fact, it would hard to assimilate in a coherent fashion.

Which is why is not likely a good idea.   The thing to do when you first contact your local officials, is to make it short and sweet.  Something that can bite on and understand in less than a couple minute read.  Then you have to offer and be able to submit or present supporting documents at their request.

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