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  • Fri, Mar 01, 2013 - 09:07am


    Friendly Aquaponics

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Aloha All!

There are NO POSTS visible to me now, for some reason. If you've requested the manuals, please email me directly at [email protected], and reference our group or Peak Prosperity, and which manual you would like to receive – Tabletop Systems (2-32 square feet) or Backyard MicroSystems Manual (64-128 square feet) – or both!





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    chinese greens

our Asian /American blended family of 7 are all "greens-a-holics" ,  and the prices at grocery stores for  exotic greens are  tearing me up, … (not to mention my paranoia about the pesticide load).    prices of organic?-fogetabodit! I confess, I am not a very good gardener,  I am plagued by rabbits, gophers, ground hogs, deer, giant caterpillars … name it, they have NO respect for MY greens, think they can just come over to MY plants and eat what ever they want….the nerve!   So I've had it, I want a garden under lock and key.   

I recently started sprout farming in the kitchen window—wheat sprouts, beansprouts—magic in your salads and wrap-sandwiches….its great, a little wet tissue paper in an egg carton and viola! you rinse them every once in a while (instead of weeding).  My toddlers pick and eat them to snack on them….OK, so set me up on how to go to a biggie-sized sprout garden…like:spinach? Bok Choi? lettuces?   I'm a Sculptor with lots of indoor skylight-ed spaces

I can have 20' x 20' under green house film in a jiffy…frost free say 9 months year   (West Virginia)   My fantasy is sculpting a clay figure in the center of a room, surrounded by gurgling water and growing green energy, eating salad, and listening to Mozart 

The energy saving would be immense, the Asian Store is 100 mile round trip, our only source of certain Asian greens for which my wife yearns (its a homesickness therapy thing).  If I could also grow fish…wow I'd be a real hero, but I'm willing to start with just greens.     

Please put me down for an aquaponics manual.  PS "aquaponics" was tagged red by my word spell program, as in, "a word that doesn't exist" and had to be added to vocabulary of common usage.  Heres hoping Aquaponics come into common usage, it seems like a great idea.

Thanks Susanne for out-reaching and teaching

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    Free manuals

Hi Susanne, I would love to receive your free manuals if they are still available! I am a square foot gardener but love the idea of year-round aquaponics gardening! Thanks so much!

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    Yes to your manuals

Yes, indeed I'm most interested in receiving both manuals: Tabletop Systems (2-32 square feet) or Backyard Micro Systems Manual (64-128 square feet). 

Thanking you very much in advance.

Best regards,

Gene Moore

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