Flooding in Northern California

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  • Thu, Feb 28, 2019 - 09:01pm


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    Flooding in Northern California

If it isn't fires, it's foods…

Once again, Sonoma County in northern California is getting a lesson in the importance of resilience.

Rains have been so persistent over the past few weeks that the Russian River finally jumped its banks and has flooded a number of towns in the area. Here's footage from ABC News (hat tip to Tom Adkins for sending this), shot from Sebastopol, aka my hometown and where the 2019 Peak Prosperity seminar will be held this April:

I spent the afternoon in Sebastopol's downtown area (called the Barlow) where the flooding was worst, talking to affected merchants and helping as I could.

Sadly, many of these are small artisan businesses that couldn't afford to carry flood insurance (word is annual premiums cost ~$200k/year). So I expect a number of them won't reopen.

Several of the social events for our April seminar are planned at establishments that have been hard hit.

For example, our farm-to-table dinner is at Zazu Kitchen, which you can see at the 45-second mark in the above video where owner John Stewart worries they may lose everything. I hugged his partner and co-owner Duskie Estes this afternoon — who's putting on a good face, but is clearly in shock at the magnitude the cleanup effort will require.

Timo Marshall, owner of Spirit Works, whom last year's seminar attendees will remember from his excellent distillery tour, recruited me to help him set up emergency lighting for John and Duskie as the ServePro specialists arrived at their restaurant to drain the area and prep for restoration. Fortunately, his distillery avoided flooding by mere inches.

Unfortunately, the Crooked Goat, where we had our Thurs night kickoff to the seminar, didn't fare as well. It's still underwater at this time.

For those coming to the seminar, the support our event will offer the local economy will be even more appreciated this year due to this flood. We will be a very welcome part of the recovery process.

And for all of us, this should serve as a reminder that disaster by its very nature is unpredictable. All of these shopowners were caught by surprise and had little to no time to act before the floodwaters arrived.

That's why advance preparation is so critical. If you're aware of any holes in your emergency preps, use this as a nudge from the universe to attend to them now.

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