FLCCC: COVID-19 Survival Stories

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    FLCCC: COVID-19 Survival Stories

These videos are … awesome.  Five minutes, each, about individuals whose lives were saved by the I-MASK+ protocol.

This is why Dr Kory got emotional in his Senate testimony.  It is about real people.

I mean, I write about gold and silver every day.  I look at this, and think, “maybe I should have been doing something more meaningful with my time?”


Marlin beat COVID.. his story


Manny and Erica Espinoza: A physician couple fights for life against COVID19.

I’m going to say it again – I am so grateful that Chris brought these people into our lives.

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    FLCCC: COVID-19 Survival Stories

There’s an old Nordic saying first related by a consultant from California. If you want to make a stone wet, you have to spit on it many times. We need lots more of these testimonies. We need to hammer away at the media and TPTB until they wake the F up.

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