Fish in a Barrel: Las Vegas shooter

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Las Vegas massacre gunman Stephen Paddock was taking a drug linked to violent outbursts in yet another example of a mass shooter being on a pharmaceutical medication that causes aggressive behavior.

According to the Las Vegas Review Journal, Paddock “was prescribed an anti-anxiety drug in June that can lead to aggressive behavior”.

The drug in question – diazepam – more commonly known as its brand name Valium – was prescribed by Henderson physician Dr. Steven Winkler on June 21 and Paddock purchased 50 10-milligram diazepam tablets from a Walgreens store in Reno on the same day. Paddock was also previously prescribed the same drug in 2016.

The article cites, which warns that diazepam can trigger “aggressive behavior” and “psychotic experiences,” which can be amplified by alcohol consumption.

“If somebody has an underlying aggression problem and you sedate them with that drug, they can become aggressive,” said Dr. Mel Pohl, chief medical officer of the Las Vegas Recovery Center. “It can disinhibit an underlying emotional state. … It is much like what happens when you give alcohol to some people … they become aggressive instead of going to sleep.”

A 2015 study published in World Psychiatry found that teens convicted of homicide were 45 per cent more likely to kill during time periods when they were on benzodiazepines.


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    Another pass at Who Benefits

Melissa at Truthstream Media does a 20 minute show on who benefits from the Mandalay Massacre.

#1 is Michael Chertoff and the Security Industry.

Continuing the trajectory outlined in the Catastrophic Terrorism seminars offered by Philip Zelikow, Ashton Carter and John Deutch at Stanford and MIT in 96 and 87 (and reported here in Foreign Affairs in 98) they explain how the entire society would have to become more regulated and have additional security become commonplace.

The day after the Mandalay Massacre the first LV hotels began scanning guests.

Chertoff industries co-founder and CEO is on the TV explaining how we have to have better security at public events, hotels and public places. And they just happen to be the prime maker of such equipment.

Sheldon Adelson, a big republican donor and "king maker,"  Las Vegas casino owner, is reported to have selected republican candidates based on willingness to wage wars in the ME and commitment to "fighting terrorism."

Transforming the US into a police state for power and profit.

Recall that the reason that a small number of prison guards can control a large number of prisoners is because the environment has been engineered so carefully for exactly this purpose.  Security cameras and doors that are opened remotely, double doors with a "no-mans land" space between them, lock-downs.  Cameras and computers.  A panopticon goal where the prison warden knows everyone's location and activity at every moment.

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    Check Your Conscience At The Door


Great find on that video. It is a little long (16+ minutes) but worth watching. It made me wonder how much another human life is worth to a sociopath? My guess is the answer depends on the possibility of getting caught. Sociopaths can't feel empathy.

It made me also wonder about all the shadowy figures (like Chertoff) who were high up in prior administrations. Obviously, they are well connected. If you can check your conscience at the door, invest in their companies and wait for the windfalls – like they do. No need to spread out investments into honest companies that will get trampled.

It's just a thought. I'd rather be broke.


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    How will the USA respond to Catastrophic Terrorism

Philip Zelikow, Ashton Carter and John Deutsch led a series of seminars for the academic elite and the owners of industry in the US in 96 and 97.  They were held at Stanford, MIT, University of Virginia and Harvard.

It is my impression that these seminars were the place where the transformative vision of a police/surveillance state was sold to the American elite.  How can the elite position themselves for greater power and wealth ahead of the "transformative event" where terrorism come to the US in the form of, say, the World Trade Center getting blown up.

I am linking the full paper here:

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    The Chertoff Connection: Las Vegas | Jack Mullen

The Chertoff Connection: Las Vegas | Jack Mullen


[quote]Here is the interesting comment found on a forum dated 9-11-17 – way before the events of October 1, 2017.

“if their plan is successful state of nevada will pass a law in the future making all casinos have mandatory metal detectors and backscatter machines. soon after a federal law will be passed to put these machines in universities, high schools, federal buildings, you name it. osi systems and chertoff are the main producers of these machines. sometime around 2020 chertoff and osi will merge into a single company. after they merge the owners will sell off all their stock and make billions in profit. mr chertoff has been in contact with sheldon adelson. mr adelson will become a huge sponsor of these machines and he will be the first to put them in his casinos when the law passes. this is my last message for now. don’t expect me to return anytime soon" -john

Notice the mention of Michael Chertoff in this post. It was after 9-11 dual citizen (Israeli, and US), Michael Chertoff became the chief ‘information container’ of all 911 disclosures because he was appointed to the position of Head of DHS.

After 9/11 Chertoff became the most powerful man in America as the head of the Department of Homeland Security. After his appointment to the head of DHS, Chertoff quickly asserted himself with the message “Its Okay to Torture Prisoners” in 2005. It is no surprise Chertoff has a long history of association with Anti-American events and legislation starting even before 9-11. It was in 1995 when Chertoff, an appointee of Bill Clinton (no conflict of interest here,) was appointed ‘special’ counsel for the Clinton White Water scandal.

Before that in 1993, Chertoff was the lead prosecutor and with Judge Michael Mukasey presided over the the trial of the “Blind Sheikh”, Omar Abdel Rahman in the aftermath of the false flag bombing at WTC in 1993. The FBI was later found to have created this terrorist event.

After 911, Chertoff was one of the authors of the Patriot Act, which had already been written and was waiting for the just such an event as 911.

Then came the “Underwear Bomber” false flag, and it was Chertoff who recommended new body scanners for airports, while at the same time His lobbying firm, Chertoff Group (founded 2009), represented manufacturers of the scanners, in particular Rapiscan, one of the two companies that were contracted by TSA to take a nude picture of you at the airport.

Chertoff made millions from scanning our bodies with harmful radiation in search of a ‘terrorist’ never found.

BTW, has anyone ever gone to a country like Iceland or New Zealand where they can just walk off the plane — and go on their merry way? That is quite the experience.

Conveniently, Chertoff was Assistant Attorney General in charge of criminal investigations on 911 and was responsible for releasing the ‘five dancing Israelis’ caught filming and cheering when the WTCs fell to the ground. Chertoff authorized their return, before police could even question, to Israel.

Chertoff’s story is long, dark and sordid and his connections to all events which involve disarming Americans is easily taken for granted.

It is not hard to see the possible connections between the Las Vegas shooting and Michael Chertoff & company. Following the advice of fellow dual citizen Rahm Emanuel, “Never let a good crisis go to waste“, and, in this case, the crisis is likely an event with many agendas, why shouldn’t one of these agendas enrich Michael Chertoff again while supporting the Israeli agenda and costing Americans both money and liberties.

The other individual mentioned in the comment above is Sheldon Adelson a billionaire dual citizen Jewish business man who owns the Sands Hotel in Las Vegas and other Las Vegas properties and he also lives in Las Vegas. Adelson is apparently happy to put the Chertoff radiation machines in his hotels. I suppose the happy gamblers and show goers will not mind a few dozes of radiation everyday.

Wake Up America

Americans are being manipulated into a newly constructed prison nation — these shootings are not organic and will continue.

Remember it was the Obama administration who made the absurd and irrational statement ‘“common sense” gun laws will deter jihadists [terrorists] who are planning attacks.’ Decoded that means give up your guns and the shootings will miraculously end.

Giving up your guns is the PRIMARY goal of these shootings, but the secondary goals are equally important. Creating a surveillance state which restricts individual fluidity within their country while tracking and cataloging and archiving your interests, movements, choices and routines which will eventually lead to a complete prediction algorithm attached to your person for use in war-game planning.

There is no coincidence this shooting happened when two NRA bills were in the pipeline to reduce gun restrictions in America. It is also NO COINCIDENCE that moves to disarm people have historically preceded mass genocide, misery and population reduction.

The USA is about to experience a significant financial collapse. It would not be good for those who caused the collapse and then looted American wealth to stand before an armed population.

For a better understanding of how being disarmed results in potential genocide, investigate the plight of the Afrikaners (Boer) of South Africa and how the white and Christian populations were decimated after the Bolshevik “revolution” of 1917 in Russia.

It is irrational and a contradiction to believe taking guns from the people will make them safer. Please see my detailed explanation in this article I wrote “There is No Such Thing as Gun Free Zone.”[/quote]…/the-chertoff-conn…/


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    Going up…

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    Same cast of characters show up time and time again…

SP- Thanks for the truthstream link. I had not come across their site before. The video that you linked to above reminded me why I haven't flown since 2004 and will never set foot in a Las Vegas casino again. I do agree with Melissa that buying broccoli in the future will involve going through a scanner… That's why we grow it in the backyard. : )

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    Maybe that IS him in the pink NASA shirt at anti-Trump event

At first I thought the picture of the man in the pink hat and pink NASA shirt only looked like him and could be anybody.  Now I'm starting to think that IS him (and Marylou Danley nearby).

And the LVMPD sheriff seemed to imply that the shooter had been "radicalized" and they were trying to track down how that happened.

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    From the cousin of a friend

Firsthand account of the Mandalay shooting

Original post:


These last few days have been a whirlwind of emotions and I am awestruck by the amount of people that have reached out to all of us. I have decided to write down my experience of the shooting at Route 91 for two reasons:

1. I am physically, mentally, and emotionally drained and I do not wish to tell my story anymore. However many of you reached out to me and I wanted to inform you of my experience so that you may understand the gravity.

2. Someday we will look back at this and I want to be able to retell my story to my kids, grandkids, and to self recollect this terrible night as much as possible.

The following story has some graphic pieces to it (I did not go into much detail) but be warned. This is my personal experience and mine alone. All of our experiences have congruences and differences. If you have questions, please feel free to ask but please respect if we decline to speak about it. Thank you.


Sunday October 1st 2017

Arriving to the Concert

The weekend was at a close and it had been a weekend to remember. The Heckman’s were in town for the Route 91 country music festival. This was the second year we had attended and we were having a blast. The days consisted of country music, laying by the pool, day drinking and football. Charlie and Paisley stayed with Natalie and I at our place and after each concert we would take an Uber back home. Jeff and Jeny Heckman were staying at the Mandalay Bay and decided to sell their tickets after the first night due to the high demand for tickets as they were sold out. Each night we would pregame at Mandalay Bay and then make the short walk across the street towards the concert. Natalie and I decided that Sunday would be the only night we wouldn’t drink because we had work the following day.

Once we got to the concert on Sunday night we spent some time buying tee shirts, riding carnival rides and playing carnival games while waiting for the headliner, Jason Aldean. We made our way to the concert once Jake Owen came on to the stage. Before heading in, we were approached by security with a metal detecting wand and were also heavily frisked by hand. We headed to our normal location which was to the left of the stage (if you are looking at the stage) in front of the “Coca Cola VIP Suites”. My good friend Daniel and his family were in the VIP suites. There was standing room right in front of the suites which had a handrail and we enjoyed being able to lean up against it to watch the show. Natalie Charlie Paisley and I would always stand there because there was less of a crowd, and so that Daniel and his family could come talk to us from the VIP whenever they wanted.
— After Thought — (It is worth mentioning that Sunday night was the only night in which I was patted down at security although there was a metal detecting wand that was in use on Friday and Saturday. In hindsight, I now find this particular detail a bit odd)

Once Jason Aldean came on the stage, we were having a lot of fun. Charlie was a little tipsy at this point and he wanted to go out into the middle of the crowd. We all laughed while watching him go into the pit (he is 6’5” and easy to track) because he was having such a blast. After about 10 minutes he returned back to our location, and the four of us were back together.
— After thought— (Looking back, we are so lucky that he came back when he did, or the results could have been drastically different.)

About 10 minutes after Charlie returned, we had a few guys walk by us who were clearly drunk and giving us high-fives when suddenly we heard a short burst of what we thought were “Pop-Its” (the children fireworks that you throw on the ground). I had assumed that the guys walking by us had thrown them down on the ground and I thought nothing of it other than being a little annoyed at the suddenness of it. A few moments later we heard another series of small “bangs” towards the middle of the crowd which we assumed to be more fireworks. This sound also appeared to be coming from ground-level. Natalie was the first one to sense that something was wrong and she grabbed me by the hand and started pulling me back to the exit. We seemed to be the only ones who were alerted at the moment.
–After thought- (What I initially thought were fireworks have really stood out to me the more that I think about it. This is a very eerie detail and I keep coming back to the thought that foul play may have been involved. I have wondered if this could have been a cue to the shooter(s), or if this could have been a tactic in keeping people distracted and unaware of the upcoming danger)

The Shooting Begins

After taking a few steps the madness began. The noise was debilitating. Whenever I close my eyes I can still hear the exact sound. I have spent a decent amount of time around firearms and I have fired every caliber, yet this sound was not identifiable. It truly sounded as if multiple weapons were being fired simultaneously and in different directions. Not only that, but it also sounded as if there were two or more different caliber rifles (both fully automatic) that were in use. One of which sounded like a deep, fast-paced base drum seemingly coming from and aerial vantage point to the west, and one of a smaller caliber weapon (higher-pitched) coming from much closer to the ground (still to the west). My first assumption was that there were gunmen in the crowd and that we needed to get as far away from the general population as possible.

Immediately after the first round of gun fire began, people started to scream. I did not see any movement in the crowd and did not see any casualties at this point. After a brief pause in gunfire, the second round went off. Immediately a sudden wave of people in the center of the crowd fell to the ground. Some hit by bullets, others ducking for protection. It was hard to tell which ones were which due to the immediacy of it all but we saw our fair share of both. Massive amounts of people in front us were struck. People began to panic and many were being trampled in the crowd’s pursuit to get out of the center. Once we saw this, we turned tail and wasted no time to get the fuck out of there. Immediately Charlie and Paisley who were about 10 feet away from us were separated from the stampeding crowd. That was the last time we saw them.

We wanted to get as far away from the crowd as possible and we knew that the main entrance/exit would be a mess of people so we decided to head East and hop the 4-foot fence separating us from the VIP section that was at our back. Holding Natalie’s hand, we hopped the fence and we yelled at everyone in the suites to “GET THE FUCK OUT”. Most people were heavily intoxicated and were not nearly as quick as us to react accordingly. Natalie and I went through the VIP structure and came to an approximately 10-foot tall chain link fence. People were flinging themselves full force unto the fence. Some were helping others less capable to get over the fence, others were desperately clawing to get ahead, and even more were pressed against the fence so hard that they had no chance of moving. A few guys helped me find a connection in the fence and we began forcing it open enough for people to duck through. Natalie was the second person to fit through the hole and I followed her. Approximately 30 feet further to the East we encountered another fence this one only about 6-feet high. We hopped over this one but Natalie had lost her phone in the process. We obviously made the choice of continuing on without it. I am not sure in which point I had lost my phone.
—After Thoughts— (I am not sure as to why the hell there were not more exits. Typically, in the venues that I have been too I have seen multiple entrances/exits in which security would allow in/out. Possibly because of the sheer amount of people I was blinded to alternative ways out of the concert, but I sure as heck did not see any other option if I wanted to head East.)

After the second fence Natalie and I found ourselves in a gravel/sand parking lot. It was a fairly open parking lot and I assume that it was only for staff and vendors due to the sparse number of vehicles parked in it. We sprinted as fast as we could. After about 20 feet from the fence, 3 bullets struck the ground approximately 4 feet from our 2 O’clock direction. The bullets made a sharp whizzing sound as they passed by and with a sharp “pang” on the ground sent gravel flying into the air. As soon as this happened we hit the ground as fast as we could. At this point I was almost certain that a gunman was approaching and as soon as we noticed a pause in the gunfire we jumped up and began running again. With the next round of fire, I noticed 3-4 people suddenly fall to the ground. I wasn’t sure if they were ducking for cover or if they were hit by bullets. The suddenness of this movement made me assume the latter… Once this occurred we immediately ducked behind a vehicle and waited for the current round of fire to halt. Once we heard the gunfire cease we began running until we approached a large blue dumpster. We took cover and found ourselves next to three Hispanic men in janitorial outfits yelling in Spanish. All five of us were laying on the gravel on the same side of the dumpster, when suddenly the men started screaming and immediately motioned for us to get on the other side. At this point I was almost sure that there was someone approaching and at this time it sounded as if gunfire was coming from at least 3 different directions. We thought we were surrounded and rather than waiting there like sitting ducks we made the decision to keeping running East even though the shots were active. We were terrified that a wrong decision would put us face-to-face with danger.
—After Thoughts— (I am aware that the echoing from nearby buildings and ricocheting bullets could certainly create the illusion of shots being from fired from multiple directions, however at this point in time we were at least ½ mile away from the Mandalay Bay and the shots were so loud that it reminded me of being in an indoor gun range. I don’t know… maybe that was just my adrenaline and fear kicking in but I am just telling you what we experienced. Nonetheless, seeing those shots land so close to us is a memory that will always haunt us both.)

The Truck Incident

While running through this parking lot Natalie and I saw a guy frantically jump into a Ford F150 and we ran up to his truck to ask if we could hop into the bed. He obliged and we laid down on an assortment of tools. Immediately we found ourselves in the bottom of a dog pile of frantic people. 15-20 people piled on top of us. Between the amount of sprinting we had just done, the adrenaline we had just experienced, and the sheer weight on top of us we found it nearly impossible to move or breath. The truck pealed out in the gravel parking lot and we proceeded to head straight (East). I was at the bottom of the pile looking at Natalie’s face turn red and it was evident that she was struggling under the weight of people. I was unable to move a muscle and I tried yelling at people through a chocked yell to get off of us. I don’t even know if I was able to force out a voice loud enough for anyone to hear but there was no way anybody would agree to that until we found more distance between us and the concert. With a screech of the tires the truck suddenly stopped, reversed, and then plowed through another fence. We now found ourselves next to a private airport running alongside of McCarran International Airport.
—After Thoughts— (Being underneath that dogpile was terrifying. Looking at Natalie was an expression of pure pain and being unable to do anything about it was the most powerless I have ever felt. The only good thing about this incident was that underneath the dogpile was the last time we had heard shots fired. This airport was a private one which the high rollers and celebrities used to get into Las Vegas)

We were relieved when the people that were on top of us jumped out of the truck and we took in a few deep breaths of air before approaching a 10-foot-tall razor wire fence which was the only thing between us and the private runway. The fence was ahead of us and two large buildings were to the left and the right of us. We were in a huge U-shaped area. By this time my slightly asthmatic ass was so out of breath that I thought I was going to fall down but we had to look for a way in. We were cornered and at this point we still thought that gunmen on foot could approach us at any moment. Many others felt the same way and people were desperately trying to figure out a way in. At this time, there were about 200 people with us and they were hysterically looking for a way in. Natalie and I took cover behind a concrete barrier while trying to assess the situation. We watched as people tried desperately climbing the razor wire fence only to get shredded in the process. I watch as guy was mangled in the fence trying his best to free himself. Before we knew it were heard a loud “BANG” and noticed that someone had bashed one of the doors open. We rushed to the door and proceeded to head into the building and ultimately onto the airport runway.

In the Airport

We ran alongside the runway passing parked private planes and planes taxiing. At this point, there were a large number of people running next to us all of which were screaming in anguish and many were holding wounds and covered in blood. We ran to an open airplane hangar which we found some sort of refuge. We found ourselves with many people screaming, crying, bleeding from their wounds and individuals searching for loved ones. We began looking for ours. We were screaming “Paisley, Charlie Daniel” with no return. We spent the next 20 minutes looking for them in the airport area but to no avail. We ended up borrowing many stranger’s phones and eventually was able to get in touch with the others thanks to a good friend Debbie Garcea who helped coordinate everyone together. About 30 minutes after being in the airport building a guy stood on top of a sky bridge and loudly announced for all of us to be quiet. He announced that he was part of the FBI and that the building that we were in was now secure. He told us that we were to wait there until further notice. During this time Natalie and I huddled with many others around a TV broadcasting the incident. Dozens of people were crying, still shouting for their loved ones, crying in agony over their wounds and looking at the TV with despair. We spent about an hour and a half total in that building until we were told that busses were going to be picking us up and escorting us to the other end of the runway. Natalie and I told the security personnel that there was no way in hell that we were getting on that bus. We figured that a bus full of people would be a great target for a shooter if there was still one out there.
—After thoughts— (Not quite sure how the freaking FBI was able to “secure” the building so quickly (about 30 minutes) after the event but nonetheless we finally felt somewhat safe.)

Getting in Touch with our Friends and Family

We were able to get a hold of Charlie and Paisley who had taken the same route as us only to circle around the stage and head back to Mandalay Bay. Again, nobody at this time new the situation and had the slightest idea of where the reign of fire was coming from. Their mission was to make it back to Mandalay Bay to reunite with their family. They ended up approaching the hotel only to find it seemingly abandoned. They made their way to the House of Blues and found safety underneath a table. Policemen found them shortly after and eventually they were able to reconnect with their father who immediately took them back to the airport to get them home safe.

Jeff and Jeny were in different parts of Mandalay Bay and were under lockdown the entire time. We were able to contact Jeny who kept us informed about everyone’s status and she played a huge role in calming all of us down. She was in a very tense situation because she had no way of getting to any of us and was directed by authorities to stay in her hotel room. Jeff was playing poker at the time of the lockdown and his phone died right about the time that the incident took place. He spent the next several hours trying to find a way to get in touch with all of us.

I was unable to speak with Dan until we got home that night and contacted him via Facebook to luckily find out that him and his family had all gotten home safely. Natalie and I eventually decided to take a Lyft to Daniel’s Uncles house. There we hugged each other and swapped stories. We stayed up most of the night watching the news and spoke about how lucky we were to get out of that situation alive.

After I spoke with some of my friends and family for the first time they told me that a couple good Samaritans, Nick Perez, and Alexandra Wilkens picked up my cell phone while escaping and that they would meet with me when I was safe to deliver it back to me. Nick and Alexandra even answered my loved ones calls and instructed to them the situation. I will forever be grateful for this kind act. I met with them the next morning and I was overwhelmed with the amount of people that had reached out to Natalie and I.

72 hours after the event

As you can imagine the last 72 hours have been incredibly hard on all of us. Most of us are having a very difficult time around loud noises. We are struggling with the thought of going out in public and we are having a difficult time sleeping. Many of us are finding it hard to think about anything else throughout the day. Though we are struggling we will get through this. I am sure that I speak for everyone when I say that we will not let this incident define us nor will we let it dictate how we live our lives in the future. I refuse to let this wicked event limit how I live my life and I will not be afraid in the future to celebrate with those that I love in a group setting. We have all had our fair share of sights and sounds that nobody should ever experience, however we are lucky to have our lives. We will get through this hardship together and we will all most likely seek some form of counseling to grieve in a healthy way. Though we encountered so much evil we also witnessed many acts of heroism and bravery. We are blown away by the love and support that we have been sent by our family and friends and we couldn’t ask for anything more.[/quote]


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    SagerXX wrote:(NB:  I don’t


(NB:  I don't see the gun control people getting too much traction here.  Just wait for a whole phalanx of family and friends of victims to step forward and demand this event not be used as a pretext to weaken or destroy the 2nd Amendment.  I'm fully expecting such in the next 48 hours or so.)


Like I said —

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