Fish in a Barrel: Las Vegas shooter

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  • Wed, Oct 25, 2017 - 02:47pm



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    CBS This morning

There was an interview on CBS this morning with 2 LA Dodger ball girls who were in attendance at the Vegas concert. In it, one of the girls states "The noise, and how loud it was, we thought it was on the ground". So, not only one of these girls, but both of them thought the shooting was coming from ground level, not from the Mandalay Bay. Interesting.

The interview starts around the 1:20 mark.

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    Sound of incoming rounds.

The sound produced by the shock wave of an incoming bullet is very loud. It is even painfully loud if the bullet passes or impacts within a few feet of the observer. In addition, the apparent source of the sound is located on the trajectory of the bullet and has little or no relationship to the position of the firearm. Anyone without experience of this phenomenon could easily believe that they were hearing nearby gunfire at ground level.

  • Fri, Oct 27, 2017 - 05:05am



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    The Las Vegas Shooting Won’t Go Away

The Las Vegas Shooting Won’t Go Away (Paul Craig Roberts)



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    Cue theme music from “The Twilight Zone”

Did a mysterious helicopter sporting a false transponder (until turning it off completely) pick up somebody from the roof of the Delaney Hotel overlooking the country music festival at 10:21 pm a handful of minutes before the first police helicopter arrived?

I know They're not telling us everything because we wouldn't be able to handle the truth.  I'm good with that. They're looking out for the public's feelingz.  I'm already scared enough.  I don't want to find out terrible things about the Las Vegas shooting.

  • Fri, Nov 03, 2017 - 12:46am



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    Don’t let LV Shooting Fade without Answers

Jon Hall, at the Free Market Shooter, gives his view that the most significant shooting death in modern history should not be allowed to simply fade from memory with such major unanswered questions.  He argues that we should keep the subject alive and seek and demand answers.  I most certainly agree.

I know that it is inconceivable for a decent human being to even really consider that true evil may walk on the earth.  But if we cannot consider it, we cannot face it or stop it.

The Las Vegas Massacre Demands More Public Questioning Rather Than Simply Fading Away From Public Attention.

By Jon Hall ,

November 1, 2017 .

It is without a doubt, our news cycle … moves at a breakneck pace. … the mainstream media dictates what stays center in the mind of the public and what is allowed to fade away and be forgotten. It is of the utmost importance we remain aware – however exhaustive it may be – of stories that just don’t add up.


Enter the Las Vegas shooting; the worst mass-shooting in U.S. history…

A full month later, and we are still without any answers. Even more worryingly, the Vegas shooting has disappeared from any cable news channel [and] online, discussions…

Here are the facts:

The official timeline of the Vegas shooting has changed three times. A week before the attack, Paddock wired $100,000 to an account in the Philippines. Paddock also took cruises to ports in the Middle East. Paddock’s laptop was also missing its hard drive when recovered in his hotel room.

Despite a month of being told otherwise, it’s now been revealed that police did discharge fire in Paddock’s hotel room upon entry… but why, if Paddock had already killed himself before police breached the room?

Jesus Campos is the security guard who first reportedly found Paddock as he started his killing spree, and was shot in the leg in the process.  However, he not only disappeared after scheduling several television interviews, but it’s now been revealed Campos reportedly left the country just days after the Vegas shooting.

Why did authorities let Campos leave the country in the middle of an investigation?  How did Campos travel unhindered with a gunshot wound in his leg?

Not only that, but Campos was said to have been last heard from when he went to a walk-in health clinic… but a spokesperson for UMC Quick Care – the facility Campos supposedly went to – said they had “heard nothing” about Campos visiting them.

On top of all of that, Campos only re-emerged to do a fluff, softball interview on Ellen. DeGeneres guides Campos along the interview, essentially framing and explaining the timeline of events so Campos didn’t have to. At times, the interview even seems scripted. Don’t take my word for that, I implore you to watch and see if you agree:

Plainly, things aren’t adding up with the Vegas shooting. Paddock was in an area with extremely heavy surveillance, yet no stills or video of him have been released to the public. No potential motive has been released. Really, no answers to any of the questions that arose in result of the story not adding up have been addressed… instead, the Vegas massacre has vanished from cable news channels and the public mind.

Another note to add, in just the span of a month, 4 survivors of the Vegas shooting have died. Notably, both Kymberley Suchomel and Danny Contreras both publicly claimed there were multiple gunmen the night of the mass shooting. Dennis and Lorraine Carver died after their Mercedes smashed into a metal gate and exploded into flames. Per CNN:


The couple’s youngest daughter, 16-year-old Madison Carver, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that she heard the crash from her bedroom. When she ran outside and down the street to find out what had happened, she recognized her family’s vehicle in flames.


By the time their daughter heard the crash (which only happened about a half mile from the Carver’s home) and ran down the road to see what had happened, the car was engulfed in flames… Much like everything else pertaining to the Vegas shooting, the story just doesn’t make sense.

Here we are, a month later – with exactly what we had immediately in the aftermath of the shooting: nothing. No answers, no coverage, no questions… nothing.

All of us should be asking many questions – if only to ourselves – about why the narrative behind Vegas isn’t adding up…

Compare the massacre in Vegas to the terrorist attack that happened yesterday in New YorkWithin hours, we knew the name of the terrorist, had a picture of him, had his history as a refugee in the U.S. under a “diversity visa”, and had a note declaring allegiance to ISIS. We have timelines and what the terrorist was doing in the hours, days before the attack…yet in the case of Stephen Paddock, nothing.

We owe it to the victims to not let this simply fade away. We owe it to their memory to ask why the narrative behind the shooting stinks. We owe it to their legacy to question and demand answers from our public representatives when discussion and coverage is being obviously stone-walled. Nary a peep has come from any legacy media concerning Vegas in the past month, and that alone should make you question what’s really going on.


  • Sat, Nov 04, 2017 - 04:44am



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    Las Vegas Shooting Investigation: A Dead End

7 Las Vegas Shooting Witnesses Now Dead Within 1 Month of Attack (Anti-News Network)

[quote]"One month on from the Las Vegas shooting massacre on October 1st, and we still have no satisfactory answers for horrific events that took place at the Route 91 Harvest music festival.

The mainstream media has all but given up on reporting on the attacks, now that it seems as though the public has swallowed the “lone wolf” shooter narrative, that claims Stephen Paddock acted alone in killing 59 people and injuring hundreds more.

In the month that followed the incident, a staggering seven key witnesses have died in very suspicious circumstances.

Of all of those seven people, every single one of them had something in common, other than being there during the shooting: They all had information on the attack that contradicted the “official” narrative.

What’s even more suspicious is that four of those seven eyewitnesses had given accounts that stated there was more than one shooter, and others died before they had a chance to speak."[/quote]


  • Mon, Nov 06, 2017 - 03:12pm



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    In light of recent events

Perhaps some background might be useful prior to rushing to any kind of judgment.

A critical review of Sandy Hook performed by a former LEO with 3 decades of experience in school crisis management/response.

  • Thu, Nov 09, 2017 - 01:03pm



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    Fascinating Theory on Vegas Shooting – Saudi Royal Assassination

I thought this was interesting given the recent events in Saudi Arabia.  I know we are supposed to move on to another atrocity already, but this makes a bit of sense.



  • Thu, Nov 09, 2017 - 02:22pm



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    Theory on Vegas shooting

Thanks Rector,

This makes more sense than anything else I've heard or read. 

Vegas may be the most video recorded place on Earth.  We should be able to know exactly what happened, but will we ever?

  • Thu, Nov 09, 2017 - 05:06pm



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I thought this was interesting given the recent events in Saudi Arabia.  I know we are supposed to move on to another atrocity already, but this makes a bit of sense.


Either I haven't had enough coffee yet this morning, or this makes a hella lotta sense.  Thanks R!

VIVA — Sager

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