First there was COVID Fatigue, Now we are seeing “COVID Madness”

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  • Thu, Aug 13, 2020 - 03:06pm



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    First there was COVID Fatigue, Now we are seeing “COVID Madness”

We are beginning to see people have nervous break-downs from COVID.  Fights starting over mask wearing..  AND we are not just talking shouting and punching.  We now have stabbings and killings.   We have people freaking out about social distancing in restaurants culminating in beating of teenage hostesses..

What is the exact psychology in play here , where some people seem to be having a real real hard time dealing with any soft of NPIs.?

psychology will have a lot of theories here.  But, it seems people are in threaten mode.   Their way of life.  Their sanity.  There financial stability.  If you remove NPIs.. those reluctant to continue or execute them will be relieved.  Then you will have those who do want to execute them , feel threatened and then it will be the guy wearing the mask giving the beating to the guy without the mask, instead of the other way around.

Some people just lack resilience to stress.  I am pretty easy to go either way.   Lock it all down.. ok.. I cope.  Remove it all, survival of the fittest.. protect yourself if possible..   or take some middle road.. and remove the governing completely and when it gets bad enough people will assume the responsibility..    look let em die.. if that what happens.. once someone’s mom , brother, neighbor, die or become maimed, people will do what is necessary…….. let it takes its own course.. you cannot teach someone experience.. they must experience it to see that is real.

I was in the camp, lock it all down,  lets contain until we learn more..  We still havent learned enough, except we cant keep it locked down.   It would have to be 10x worse to continue this way. Not saying it wont blow up later.    deal with that later.   Right now we have exceeded the threshold of NPIs  Both mentally , and economically.     The damage does not seem to warrant it..  My only real question – Id like to know more about the permanent injury effects of those who survive the infection.. This is were the real damage seems to lie now. AND we need to focus on this yesterday.

Personally, I would love to open it up to those who want to be the guinea pigs to see what happens with this.. I would still do all i can do not get this until we know more.. You do not need to be the fastest to escape the lion; you just have to be faster than the guy behind you.    The goal here is to become infected later than the masses… so we can learn more.

My recommendation – do a last minute restocking..  AND expect them to open it up.  Be prepared to shelter for 4 mos until we can figure out what is really going to happen.   I could shelter for about 12 mos..  Never get to fully benefit from prepping , unless they open it up.

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    more politics of distraction

I think much of the media is doing everything they can to foment near-civil war.

Could this be to avoid a discussion of sickcare @ 20% of GDP?  All the rest of the harvesting that goes on 24/7?  We have no bandwidth to notice the harvesting if we are focused on blaming each other for masks – or for not-wearing-masks.

In the current Presidential Election, do we hear about each candidate’s Foriegn policy?  Economic policy?  Sickcare?  Defense?  China – decoupling?  Really, any discussion of policy at all?  No.  We don’t get any of that.

We get “masks”.    This is the COVID-19 version of “transgender bathrooms.”  Apparently, the only thing we get to vote for this election is: “wear masks 24/7” (Basement Biden), or “its up to you” (Bad Orange Man).

Can we possibly chart a middle course, guided by science?  It seems not.  I don’t think this anger we are seeing is “emergent.”  In addition to being “politics of distraction”, I think the anger is also deliberate construct, in order to create anxiety and dissatisfaction.

After all, the sole question we have to ask, is: “are you better off now, than you were 4 years ago”.

Clearly, the answer is no.  “OMG THAT GUY IS NOT WEARING A MASK!  I’M SO ANGRY!  I blame HIM PERSONALLY for the pandemic.”

“In an election year, everything that happens is about the election. Regardless of how things may appear to be unconnected, rest assured, its all about the election.”

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    First , there was COVID Fatigue, Now we are seeing COVID Breakdowns

To me, we all must be on vigilant watch against all forms of mental and emotional upset.  We must try each day, however we can, to do somethings that nurture us, and that give us hope and focus.

Each day we must also try to help others, animals, plants and the planet, as well as ourselves.  We must take action too, read and learn and write and share, sign petitions, whatever.  We must keep strong and we must keep moving.  Every step we all take somehow adds to the others fighting for right relationships with ourselves, each other, and all on the Earth.

My late father said that in WWll, the best fed were the submarine crews, as they were locked in and the food was a focus and needed to sustain their spirits and bodies and I think this is the same for lockdown.  A plate of fresh fruits is so much more lively than a bowl of cereal.

We must also try to continue our own development in some ways learning new things or whatever that means.

Not so easy though. Yesterday, after a fight with my husband, I forced myself to go into my garden to pick some flowers.  With tornados of past and present ghosts swirling for my attention in my muddled and tired mind, I went into the yard, lost in my mist of misery.

A dove that was feeding on yesterday’s sandwich was startled beside and the beating of her wings lured me back to what is real.  What was real at that moment was my emerald green garden still glistening from the rains, softly lit, the russet to dusted turquoise ombre of feathers so perfect in their unadorned beauty.

Coming back to Beauty to Now is so important.

Uplifting song to help perhaps.



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    First there was COVID Fatigue, Now we are seeing “COVID Madness”



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    Beautiful post

Mary59, thank you for that timely and beautiful post!

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    Sources/causes of aggressive behavior in normal people

Mask-induced hypoxia and hypercapnia may go some way in explaining these types of behaviors. Other toxin exposures or malnutrition conditions that can induce aggressive behavior include: heavy metals exposure (largest acute source is vaccines, largest source of prolonged exposure is large fish), protein deficiency, healthy saturated fats deficiency, DHA/EPA deficiency, magnesium deficiency, dopamine receptor downregulation, serotonin receptor downregulation (especially 5-HT2), GABA receptor downregulation, long-term caffeine dependence, antioxidant depletion (vitamin C or worse yet glutathione), being forced to lose your job and life stability for no good reason, lack of money, feeling constantly threatened due to watching the TV fear porn, …

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