Financial power and harm it has caused to the Jewish people

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    Financial power and harm it has caused to the Jewish people

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becky said:  I’m very concerned that from here on out, every time somebody tries to have an intelligent conversation about the Federal Reserve, the mainstream media will quote the person but somehow find a way to include a reference to James Von Brunn.  I hope I’m wrong.

Unfortunately, I think you are absolutely correct.  The Fed, or any privately owned central bank, cannot be defended by logic or merit and they are well aware of that fact.  If the masses figure out what the Fed really is, it has little chance of surviving.  During the last "great depression" (an oxymoron or double speak?) there was heated resistance to the Fed as people became painfully aware that something was very wrong.  And, as we fall deeper into this "greater depression" they know the issue will become heated again.

In a way, what we are seeing is a great race whereby the Fed must seize tyrannical power before it is abolished.  This is why our constitution is being systematically shredded.  "Hate" speech laws will be used to disarm and diffuse these dangerous "domestic terrorists" who will now include people that object to the Fed.

Anti-semitism was used as a tactic to protect the Fed during the last great depression and we are seeing it used again.  We shouldn’t be surprised as this tactic has been used for over a thousand years to protect powerful monarchs and oligarchs.  The bloodlines of this "cabal" have been ruling us for hundreds, and some allege, thousands of years with precious few intermissions.  "The main goal of the cabal has been to consolidate political, economic, and social power in its hands while obliterating the minds of the masses to establish a militaristic, imperialistic dictatorship."

It is important to note that this cabal has often been referred to as the "Jewish conspiracy."  This deception has been purposely staged so that people exploring the cabal, peeling back the layers if you will, may come to the conclusion that the cabal is Jewish.  The truth is that Jews have suffered as much or more as any group under their tyranny.  The cabal is not Jewish, at least not by any reasonable definition, they are more accurately occultists.

Let me give an historical example of how the cabal has cruelly used the Jewish people.  Prescott Bush, W’s grandfather, served as vice president of W.A. Harriman & Co, A New York bank funded by the Rothschild banking empire.  Prescott, through Harriman, was the chief financier of Hitler’s Nazi Germany. 

The UK Guardian reported that "By the late 1930s, Brown Brothers Harriman, which claimed to be the world’s largest private investment bank, and UBC had bought and shipped millions of dollars of gold, fuel, steel, coal and US treasury bonds to Germany, both feeding and financing Hitler’s build-up to war…His business dealings, which continued until his company’s assets were seized in 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act, has led more than 60 years later to a civil action for damages being brought in Germany against the Bush family by two former slave labourers at Auschwitz and to a hum of pre-election controversy."

The Jews in Nazi Germany were blamed by many for being responsible for their great depression.  Anti-semitism was whipped up by the German media and practiced as policy by the state.  Jewish assets were looted and the holocaust crime was committed.

The declassification of National Archives reveals the role of National Chase Bank of David Rockefeller in the confiscation of Jewish Accounts in France. It is not surprising to find that the Bank of England (see BBC History Channel), controlled by the Rothschilds, was also looting the Jews.  And, btw, the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and the BOE; along with others, own and control the Federal Reserve.

Now, I’ll speculate as to how this may play out.  Anti-semitic concerns will be used to to seize more power, limit free speech and to persecute dissenters.  Expect some false flag operations to confuse and distract the people.  There may be a backlash against Jewish people – which would provide "cover" for the cabal while affording an opportunity to once again loot the Jews.

My hope and belief is that the masses, including Jewish people, will come to understand this colossal and deadly deception.  The revolution, when it happens, will really be a grand awakening.


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