field report from Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Croatia

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  • Mon, Jun 10, 2013 - 01:40am


    Greg Snedeker

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    Nice Bob!

Nice to see you back on the threads. Since you've broken out of jail, maybe Jason will put you on probation and allow you to post.

It is nice to hear Treemagnet's point of view. When these threads get too polite they get gawd awful boring. Don't get me wrong, the right amount of politeness is fine, just not too much…I guess it's just the jazz musician in me, need to reharmonize the chords.

My brother and nephew were watching the Tigers today! They are pulling away from Cleveland. Here's one for you Bob:


  • Mon, Jun 10, 2013 - 02:21am



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    Living with a Predicament

This video from Janai Donaldson (Peak Moment TV) sums up the angst, sadness, anger and grief we are all dealing with that came out in this thread. We focus a great deal of time on the economy and ultimately it all goes back to what's happening with the planet. Without earth, we have nothing. I hope after watching it we can start another conversation, as we are all in this together.



  • Mon, Jun 10, 2013 - 04:42am

    John Lemieux

    John Lemieux

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    Wonderful Conversation, Thanks Lynne

What theses women are discussing is were my head is at for much of the time. Including dream time lately.

I believe that they are awake and speaking the truth. Many people were becoming aware of the environmental issues in the 60's. But greed, materailism, war and self centeredness won out. Now it's time to come together and face the consequences of the irrerversable harm we have caused to this planet. Our only home.

But those forces that wish to silence those who speak about environmental issues and especially climate change are still very strong. So for me hearing those women speak from the heart helped to validate what I believe is happening now. 

Interesting times indeed.


  • Sat, Jun 22, 2013 - 01:52pm

    liz cowen

    liz cowen

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i have just taken a day to rest after 10 days straight working 10 hr days outside, hard physical work in the heat preparing my “homestead”. i stopped to read this thread thinking…oh , i wonder what people in greece etc have figured out how to adapt to their current form of collapse..what clever workarounds have they come up with? what common sense transitions evolve that would make me go duh uh? that i could incorporate in my preparing and what should i not waste my time on.
i was ready to reply agreeing with treemagnets’first response of : ” Here’s what I;m trying to say. We’re all going down this road, and one by one we break down and pull over. We each get out to see whats wrong, turns out its bad. We look to the folks driving by but nobody stops. To the folks cruising along, getting to their destinations as they always have – they never stop to help, ask, learn and certainly don’t care to remember those unfortunate types and when they do, they surely must be okay by now, right?…warm, safe, and dry? But we know better don’t we. So when its me its real to me and when its you its real to you and anything in between…is positive and it’ll work itself out, it’s gonna be okay? ”

having been one traveling down the road,and one who broke down(and no one stopped).and one who got back on the road and sometimes stopped to help and sometime passed by. i can see several points of view because in 60 years, i have lived in several social and financial levels from upper middle class to extreme poverty. and several age brackets.
if i had lived in only one, my perspective would be limited. very limited. and what would seem like a wise thing to say in my limited world might be laughed at or incensed at by others with more exposure, or a different exposure.–a different age etc.

to those who live isolated in their own perspective, if one is not going to volunteer to experience other lifestyles, then one must rely on others to report other’s experiences to try to extrapolate learning. i think treemagnet’s first post attempts to show that there are other experiences and the wise would take note— not argue with.

having now said my thoughts on that….i will concluded that i learned nothing new about how people in greece are adapting, how the underground economy is working…what is in demand -what is there plenty of.

instead i’ve seen what insanity i live with here in the usa. and this informs me greatly on how to prepare as the collapse takes hold here.

a last note: my granparents( born between 1894-1906 ) generation created social security, my parents born 1926-28 as children grew up in a time financial such is now, in that it was a time of lack, then in their teen years came ww2, and a large amount of the boys were killed, maimed, shellshocked(by the way 25% of the men were refused enlistment into the armed forces due to mental illness’, and they remain behind to breed)
by the time ww2 ended with the new threat of nuclear anialation now in the mix, my parents’ generation were ready to embrace modern living with all it’s gadgets.and to live in happy lala land and give their childen everything they possibly could.

i was handed everything they didn’t have and grew up lacking nothing.(except love and family etc) there was a book written during my childhood and a movie made called “black like me” where a white man dyed his skin and lived lifeas a black man. this book inspired me to quit my school teaching job in 1976 to go explore other social economic lifestyles in different locations of the usa.i’ve walked many miles in many different shoes. i suggest if others don’t want to do that, then they thank people like treemagnet for sharing the perspective they lack understanding in.

now important to note: neither my grandparents or my parents were in charge of anything important that shaped their day and age….they just lived then. a country’s is not one and the same as it’s government. let’s not be like the guy who the first 3 cars he saw were red stated all cars are red. such type leaps of assumption abound in this thread.

a society collapsing or rebuilding must have understanding as a key component of it’s people

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    I just read and study about

I just read and study about this forum and i found it great, it contains a lot of fresh ideas and important events, Thank you for sharing such a good news, Thank you and God Bless.

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