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Gates Memo Announces
Final Assimilation of National Guard and Reserve

Carolyn Harris
December 11, 2008

As has been mentioned several times on-air, this is a very
disturbing development: the National Guard is being assimilated into the “Total
Force” of the US
military. As with many other issues, the government and military directives and
memos are couched in the typical flowery language that is written in a code
that few outsiders understand. Once one reads enough internal documents the
code becomes clear. Understanding the code words and language helps to clarify
what is actually being recommended and is occurring right in front of our eyes.
It utilizes the often-stated tenet that their anti-freedom measures are “best
hidden in plain sight.”





The Gates memo declares that it will make
changes with state governors and representatives "as appropriate"
which is code for including only those persons who are amenable to federal
control, and naturally exclude any governor or representative who truly
asserts their rights and those of the People.



A commission was created by Congress [established by section 513
of the Ronald W. Reagan National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2005
(P.L. 108-375, Oct 28, 2004, 118 STAT. 1880)] to study the state of the
National Guard and Reserves and to make recommendations regarding their
composition, management, roles, funding and missions. The commission was
required to make several reports to the Secretary of Defense (SecDef) as well
as a final report with recommendations. The 95 recommendations in their final
report, published on January 31, 2005, were considered and 82 of the
recommendations either have already been implemented or have been accepted and
will be implemented by the Department of Defense (DoD) through policy changes
or changes to the statues via the National Defense Authorization Act of 2009,
as announced in a memo
dated Nov. 24, 2008. The remaining 13 were accepted are under the purview of
other Departments or SecDef Gates has decided that no action be taken.

The recommendations that are so disturbing are those involving the
assimilation the National Guard and Reserves into the regular
US military, under control and management
of the DoD. Some recommendations that were accepted and show this disturbing
trend include the assertion that it should be codified into federal law that it
is the DoD’s responsibility to provide support to civil authorities, is a
core competency” and comprises and equal importance to its combat
responsibilities. In addition, DoD should prepare the bulk of necessary
planning etc., and the response to any catastrophe. Further, proposed changes
in legislative language will created after an assessment by the Joint Chiefs of
in consultation with DHS, other federal agencies and “representative
State and local officials as appropriate  which
may be accomplished through the Council of Governors, once established).”

The statement that the DoD, various intelligence, various federal
agencies  and “representative State and local officials as
appropriate (which may be accomplished through the Council of Governors, once
established)” will be determining the role of the Guard and Reserves –
and the “integrated role” of the National Guard and Reserves in the
“Total Force” – in emergency situations that affect states is
alarming on several levels. Notice how the input from representatives of the
People are “as appropriate” listed with the Federal agencies, and
listed last. Just like ingredients listed on food labels, the departments and
responsible persons listed here are listed in order of their importance and
level of input. And note also the “Council of Governors” which has
“yet to be established.”

There is no hiding the disdain of the military for “civilian”
participation in decision-making and control over the National Guard. The
yet-to-be-established Council of Governors will eliminate the control of state
Governors, who are representatives of the People of their states and the
bulwark against federal intrusion and co-opting of the rights of the People
within their states, over the National Guard of their states. Without the
control of the National Guard, the governors no longer have the authority to deploy
them to protect the People of the state from the federal government. “Homeland
missions” are now under federal control of the DoD, according to the
recommendation accepted by SecDef Gates.

Reserve and Guard designations are to be eliminated in rank and
title, the Guard and Reserves have a common personnel management system
(combining Defense Officer Personnel Management Act (DOPMA) and the Reserve
Officer Personnel Management Act (ROPMA)), pay system, education (to achieve “joint
qualification" certification and credits), retirement system, medical and
dental care system, and their command structure within NORTHCOM. Guard and
Reserve members now have common missions (“Joint Duty Assignments”)
and “all reserve duty will be considered active duty." In addition,
the military will now “reduce duty statuses from 29 to 2”
(active/non-active), create a civilian skill database that is like NATOs and
will “allow worldwide interoperability." All of these measures are
intended, as repeatedly stated to achieve a “Total Integrated

The DoD will write legislative language that will be delivered to
Congress so that existing laws will be amended to enable these changes to be
made, in addition to policy changes within the Department itself. Some of these
changes have yet to be codified into law and reflect only the recommendations
accepted by SecDef Gates, others have already been implemented.

Many laws, such as the Patriot Act, Victory
(analysis here), and the John
Warner Military Commission Act
, authorize the federal
government to forcibly vaccinate, remove and redistribute the population, and
to designate anyone who talks about the Constitution as a “terrorist”
and enables the military or police to kidnap a Person secretly designated as an
enemy combatant” and rendition them to a secret facility in which
they will be held and tortured, since they have no more rights under that

This Gates memo declares that it will make changes with state
governors and representatives “as appropriate” which is code for
including only those persons who are amenable to federal control, and naturally
exclude any governor or representative who truly asserts their rights and those
of the People. This enables the DoD and other agencies to steamroll these
changes and pressure Congress into passing laws codifying these new powers of
the DoD.

Attempts to remove or lessen control by governors of the National
is nothing new. In 1986 “James H. Webb,
Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs, disclosed a week ago that
he had been directed to prepare a bill that would prevent governors from
blocking the assignment of their Guard units to Central America for training.”
In August 2006, a letter was sent to leaders of
both political parties in Congress protesting what they saw as an
"unprecedented shift in authority from the states to the federal
government" and urging them to "remove a provision included in the
House-passed version of the National Defense Authorization Act giving the
president … authority" to control the National Guard in natural
or a threat to homeland security. Notably, it was signed by 51
governors including some US
territories showing the clear opposition to the "authority creep" of
the executive branch.

It cannot be overstated that now that most of the local Sheriffs
and municipal law enforcement have been federalized, it falls upon the
governor’s ability to control and deploy the National Guard to protect
the People of the state from the federal government. Now this seems to have
been accomplished, although using the code language: “The DoD should
develop protocols that allow governors to direct the efforts of federal
military assets responding to an emergency such as a natural disaster. This
direction may be accomplished through the governor’s use of a dual-hatted
military commander.” There is a critical difference between “directing
the efforts of” and having direct control.

And notice the word “may.”








“…9/11 was not a bolt out of the blue, but a logical
development of Truman’s monster [the CIA]. This is what happens when you
create a vast “intelligence” community outside the framework of the
Constitution. The idea that this same security establishment, including the
, were defeated on 9/11 by a ragtag bunch of jihadists using cell
phones is absurd. The security “failures” were not failures at all,
but merely made to appear that way to naïve and uninformed Americans, the vast
majority of whom know absolutely nothing about the CIA’s long sponsorship
of state terrorism and its equally long history of staging covert


 – Mark Gaffney, from the conclusion of his book, The 9/11
Mystery Plane and the Vanishing of America
, 2008, Trine Day LLC.


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    Re: FEEL SAFE ?

Sounds exciting

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    Re: FEEL SAFE ?

If any of these actions come as a shock to anyone, than I submit that you have fallen victim to the well planned and executed public relations work of our governing elite.  Take the time to look closely at the rise to power of the Nazi’s, and the internal tactics used to persuade the populous.  Pay close attention to the words of Hermann Goering, and make note of the similar tactics at work today:  "…all you need do is tell the people they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism…"  These are the same people who burned down their own parliament and blamed terrorists – sound familiar?

Wake up America – I am not intending to be an alarmist, but the facts are what they are.  These are people who have an agenda, and the ones you see on TV are nothing more than puppets.

The world now rests upon a slippery slope.  We must decide very soon if we want to hang on ride it downhill, or jump while we have the chance.  I want to believe that our nation can be rescued, but I fear that too many have bought into the fallacy that the electorate gives a damn about our wishes.

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