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Feature request – podcast downloaded via RSS feed

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  • Sat, Nov 29, 2014 - 12:08pm



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    Feature request – podcast downloaded via RSS feed

Hi guys,

I’ve been a subscriber for a few years and I’ve found it difficult to make sure I’m up to date with the audio content. It seems that once it’s off the home page it’s difficult to find because audio is mixed in with text-only postings. I often miss an Off-the-cuff or a Featured Voices and I feel like I’m not getting the full value of the site. I’ve added the RSS feed URL to my podcast reader but that only displays a short description and a link to the web page describing the podcast. On my mobile phone it doesn’t work very well and it’s just not possible to listen while I drive. The other podcasts, some of which are paid-for content that require authentication, are downloaded to my player and they work great. 

Is there any plans to improve the podcast listening experience for Peak Prosperity members? 

Details – I don’t use iTunes or an Apple iPod. I use an Android podcast player. The only way I can listen to podcasts today is to open a web-browser, logon to Peak Prosperity and play the podcast within the web page. Please let me know if I’m missing something. 

All one,


  • Sun, Jan 25, 2015 - 09:13am



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    URL for Featured Voices podcast feed

Hi Gratidude,

I'm in the same situation as you – using Beyondpod on Android – and I found I could add the URL for the page for the Featured Voices podcast on ITunes to Beyondpod and that gave me the audio podcasts.

In fact ITunes is actually linking on to another URL, which is the 'real' feed. Beyondpod is able to figure this out, but in case your podcast player doesn't do this, you should be able to just add the URL that ITunes links to: I suppose this may change in future, but works for now!

hope this helps!


  • Sat, May 02, 2015 - 06:55pm



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    The problem is the Insider Podcasts

Thanks for the reply Stuart,

The free podcasts, like Featured Voices, are downloadable and playable by my podcast player. It's the Insider podcasts that do not work. Like I said in the first post, other podcasts that require authentication work, Peak Prosperity's RSS feed does not seem to allow downloading of Insider podcasts. I'm likely missing something, but I have tried many methods over many months and they all fail.

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